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    Red Carpets

    If you love the sense of grandeur and opulence of the red carpet, why not have one in your own home? We stock a wide range of red carpets suitable for any room in the home, in varying styles and patterns to suit all budgets and design tastes. Bold, bright and impactful are all commonly used words to describe red carpets - if you want to make a statement for people walking through the door, buying a new red carpet is the perfect place to start. If there’s a specific shade of red you’re looking for in your new carpets, you can be sure you’ll find it in our collection; from bright light red carpets to striking dark red carpets and everything in between, we have something for you. We want to prove that you can have a strong red carpet that looks as great as it performs, all without compromising on affordability. You’d never find the adventurous designs in our collection with vinyl flooring or other styles of flooring, making carpets a great choice for the bold of heart, (or just for people who want a change from their neutral carpet colours!

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    Perfect as a hallway carpet, dining room carpet or anywhere that gets high foot traffic, our red carpets also come in a variety of different construction styles - deep pile saxony carpets compound that luxurious feel, whereas our berber loop carpets are designed to be durable, hardwearing and long lasting. We’ve carefully curated our collection of red carpets to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the product that arrives at your door - we know you won’t be disappointed! 

    Benefits of Red Carpets

    Red carpets provide a wide range of benefits in both a visual and practical sense, both as important as each other. If you want a comfortable flooring which looks and feels amazing, don’t look any further than our red carpet range.

    Durable & Easy To Maintain

    A common conception about carpets is that they’re much harder to clean and maintain than some other types of flooring. Well, you needn’t worry any longer! Our red carpets are easy to clean and maintain, with regular vacuuming the best way to keep them in tip-top condition. Some of our range are actually stain resistant carpets, meaning they’re bleach cleanable, (in some cases,) making it even easier to lift stains caused by spillages and other accidents. Always check with the manufacturer about the exact product you buy before you clean or use any chemicals to ensure you won’t do more harm than good!

    Impressive Comfort

    We can’t say enough about how important it is to choose a carpet that’s comfortable and pleasant to walk around on for day to day living. Thankfully, struggling to find something comfortable isn’t a problem you’ll face when you look through our range of red carpets. Regardless of the style you choose, all of our red carpets are comfortable and warm, and make moving around the house something you enjoy, not something that makes you feel you have to put socks on!

    Styles For Every Taste

    Whatever design of carpet you prefer, we’re bound to have something that suits you. If you’re looking for a single colour across the whole carpet, we can certainly help - with colours ranging from maroon to lighter variations. If you’d like something more visually interesting, opt for a patterned carpet or striped carpet to give more interest to the room. If you really want something a bit different, you might even find something in our range of sparkle carpets

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