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    Solid Oak Thresholds

    For the perfect finish to any floor type, take a look at our solid oak door thresholds.


    When it comes to wood door thresholds, you have a choice of materials that you can opt for. Some people decide to go for aluminium door bars. However, you can now benefit from superb quality solid wood thresholds, which are both practical and stylish, durable enough to last a lifetime.


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    Solid Oak Thresholds

    Benefit from Style and Practicality with Solid Oak Thresholds


    One type of wooden door threshold you can opt for is the solid oak, which is ideal if you have oak or oak effect flooring. With the quality of buying an oak threshold bar, you can look forward to durability and longevity in addition to the perfect finish for your floor.


    Of course, in order to ensure the best quality you should ensure you purchase your solid oak threshold from a reputable supplier. At Remland Carpets, we offer superior quality wooden door thresholds designed to enhance your flooring, provide aesthetic appeal, and provide practicality.


    You can benefit from access to a range of solid oak thresholds, T-Bars, and carpet bars, so you should have no problem finding the perfect wooden threshold for your needs.


    In addition to high manufacturing standards and great choice, you will enjoy competitive pricing to help keep costs down without compromising on quality of your wood door threshold.


    Our wooden thresholds are all hand-crafted in the UK and they are finished with a coating of lacquer. This helps to add to the durability and longevity of the threshold. You can choose from a range of sizes and styles of wood door threshold to suit your requirements and you can also purchase the accessories you need to get your new oak thresholds fitted.


    Why choose a Solid Oak Threshold?

    Why choose a solid oak threshold?


    You may be wondering why you should choose a solid oak threshold.


    With a wooden door threshold, such as a high quality solid oak threshold, you will be able to enjoy many benefits. First off, solid wood adds aesthetic appeal and warmth to any room. It is perfect for those with wood or laminate flooring because it will complement it perfectly and blend in beautifully.


    You can look forward to a far greater level of versatility with the wooden variety and you can enjoy a great choice of styles to suit your personal tastes and needs. If the oak door threshold that you purchase isn’t an exact match for your flooring, you will find it easy to stain it in order to achieve the perfect results.                  


    A summary of the key benefits of a solid oak threshold


    You can look forward to a range of key benefits when you choose solid oak thresholds for your home. Some of the main ones include:


    • Cost effective pricing: You can get solid oak thresholds at a surprisingly low price from Remland Carpets. You won’t have to make sacrifices in terms of quality or aesthetic either, as our solid oak thresholds are handmade to high standards with a beautiful finish.


    • The perfect addition for wooden/laminate floors: If you have wood or laminate flooring, our solid oak thresholds will complement them perfectly. This will add to the aesthetic appeal of any room and will ensure that the thresholds blend in perfectly with your flooring.


    • A choice of styles: You can choose from a range of styles when it comes to solid oak thresholds, so you can find the ones that best suit your needs and will prove most practical for your home.


    • Durable and designed to last: With high-quality solid oak thresholds, you can benefit from a product that offers durability and strength. These thresholds are designed to last and are able to withstand a range of pressures.


    This range of benefits has helped to make solid oak thresholds a very popular choice amongst homeowners looking to create a stylish and modern look in their properties.


    Ordering A Wooden Door Threshold

    Order a Hardwood Door Threshold with ease and speed


    If you want to order our beautifully finished solid oak thresholds, you can order with speed and ease via our website.


    All you need to do is select the style and quantity that you want to purchase along with any accessories that you require for fitting the thresholds.


    Simply add them to your basket and once you have completed your purchases you can checkout. If your order comes to a specified minimum value, you can even benefit from free delivery, which adds to the value that we provide to our customers.


    We pride ourselves on providing excellent service levels to our customers. In addition, we are open seven days a week, which means that there is always someone on hand to help with any queries to do with an oak threshold strip or any other products.


    A friendly member of the team will be happy to help with any questions you have about our solid wood thresholds or any other of the products that we stock. You can use one of a range of contact methods based on your preferences.

    If you’re after the complete kit we offer fitting accessories to help you secure your door bars. We have Flexy Fix Adhesive and Applicator Gun available to order now.

    All of our oak thresholds are excellent value-for-money, our prices are the best you’ll find online and what’s more, we offer FREE delivery*!

    * Free delivery is available on specific products or if your order totals over £75. Certain delivery areas (such as Scottish Highland, Islands and off shore areas) will incur a fixed delivery charge - you can check by entering your postcode on the shopping basket page.
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