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    Oak Wood & Laminate Flooring

    Do you want your home’s décor to stand the test of time? It sure can when you install oak wood and laminate floors.

    Oak styled floors suit any home and era. When you install them now, in 10 years’ time they’ll still be as fashionable as today.

    Truth be told it can also contribute to a huge cost saving. With oak flooring you don’t need to replace them every couple of years thanks to the timeless look.

    Remland Carpets is the best place to get the most stylish oak wood and laminate flooring. When you explore the online catalogue you’ll discover a world of many oak designs you never thought possible.

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    Why Remland Carpets?
    We are wood and laminate flooring specialists. We offer a wide variety of oak floors with the best manufacturers’ guarantees. Any oak wood and laminate product gives you the professional finish you want in your home.

    You’ll be pleased to know purchasing from Remland Carpets will be easy on your budget. We offer affordable solutions to meet everybody’s needs.

    You can get luxury oak wood and laminate floors right to your doorstep. Why? Because another reason to pick Remland Carpets is you’ll get free delivery* with qualifying orders.

    Why do flooring any other way if it can be this easy?

    The Luxury Brands
    The lists of luxury brands and ranges are extensive such as:

    It’s not only one brand that offers variety, so you know you’ll find an oak styled floor you fall in love with.

    With the luxury brands you receive the promise of:

    • Thick board strips that won’t crack easily under pressure or constant use
    • A manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 30 years

    The Colours
    Yes, oak wooden floors can have that traditional colour. But why not opt for something different?

    Here at Remland our extensive range of oak floors also includes various colours. Some oak plank sets are dyed to give you various shades of:

    Any of these colours are fantastic to have inside your entire home. When your entire home is covered with these floors, they’ll elongate the room size: A trick most interior designers use. Now you can too.

    As oak wood floors suit any room and décor you’ll love the final result!

    If you want to extend the lifespan of the floors you need to have a good maintenance routine. Luckily you don’t need any specialised products:

    • Sweep regularly to avoid scratches
    • Clean up spills and messes to avoid stains
    • Wash floors with a solution suitable for wooden floors

    Don’t forget to have a look at Remland’s accessory department for maintenance and installation products!

    Shop online today and modernise your home with oak wood laminate floors from Remland. You’ll find the one best suited to your needs right here.

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