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Beech Wood & Laminate Flooring

Need a quick fix to your home’s flooring? Beech wood and laminate flooring from Remland Carpets could be the one!

Beech wooden flooring at Remland resembles the light tan colour you see in most homes or office spaces. Why are they so popular? Because they’re timeless and stylish.

It’s a perfect colour if you want floors that look like genuine wood.

The best part of shopping at Remland is we make everything simple for you. We:
  • Offer you affordable solutions for all your flooring needs
  • Free delivery for every online purchase amounting to £49
  • The best quality of beech flooring that will make you want to shop at Remland again

There is no better supplier for wood and laminate flooring in the market. And this is what you can expect from us.

Beech laminate flooring is best for every home

It’s very easy to work beech wooden floors into your home. It’s one of those floor designs that suits any home décor. If you sell your home or pass it on to your family, beech floors will still be a fashion statement.

When we say a style for every room that’s exactly what we mean. There are no difficulties to find the perfect paint colours, furniture or linen that will suit the floors. Even dark hues contrast well. Everything works!

The TV room is a place where you are most creative with your design because you entertain your guests there. So take them by surprise with how well you’ve decorated!

Even a kitchen that contrasts with the rest of the home can have a beech wood or laminate floor. Let your guests transition into the kitchen and watch how impressed they are with the style. Using the same floor throughout your home will also give the illusion of more space.

Holiday Homes
If you’re looking to redecorate your holiday cabin then the beech rustic option is a perfect consideration. That’s why we love the many available hues in this range!

It’ll definitely match, no matter what the overall theme is you want to create.

Beech Wooden Floors’ Benefits You’ll Love

We guarantee that the stunning style of the floors is enough to sell you on the product. But if you need more convincing we’ll tell you one perfect reason why you need them in your home.

The durability aspect of beech floors are because of excellent shock resistant qualities. This means they won't dent easily. The floors also have a scratch resistant feature. They’re a great option for high traffic zones.

Cleaning the floors is also simple. When you clean the floors regularly you extend their lifespans. Cleaning is straightforward with a mop and broom only. You don’t need any strong solutions to clean up your messes.

What are you waiting for? Get your beech wood and laminate floors from Remland today. You’ll be amazed at how a simple design makes all the difference you need in your home.