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    Herringbone LVT Flooring

    Herringbone flooring is swiftly rising in popularity, and thanks to our collection of herringbone LVT, embracing this trend has never been easier. Opting for herringbone LVT allows you to enjoy the elegance of traditional flooring without the hefty expense associated with solid wood flooring. Not only are our herringbone effect vinyl tiles incredibly durable, but they also boast slip and scratch resistance, making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

    We offer an exquisite selection of herringbone LVT that perfectly captures the essence of traditional wood flooring. We take pride in providing the most competitive prices across the UK. Our collaboration with leading suppliers ensures that each range comes with detailed instructions for laying your new herringbone LVT. Additionally, you'll receive guidelines on arranging various patterns, giving you the opportunity to craft a floor that's truly signature to your home or business.

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    Benefits of Herringbone LVT

    The allure of herringbone LVT is undeniable. Luxury vinyl tiles have quickly risen to become a favourite, thanks to their remarkable benefits. These 2.5mm multi-layered tiles boast exceptional durability, featuring R10 slip resistance and scratch resistance – perfect for high-traffic areas. They come with a robust 0.50mm wear layer that's both water and moisture-resistant, making them a go-to option for kitchens and utility rooms. What makes herringbone LVT stand out is its authenticity, offering a plethora of colours and finishes from deep, luxurious ebony to contemporary washed grey oak. Whichever design you settle on, we're confident you'll fall in love with your new herringbone luxury vinyl tiles.


    Herringbone LVT Styles

    Herringbone's timeless design continues to captivate, maintaining its status as a top flooring choice for both residential and commercial spaces. It delivers a sophisticated and authentic finish, with our collection showcasing stunning shades like Natural Oak, Ebony, Pearl Oak, and Washed Grey Oak. These vinyl tiles can be installed in various patterns, including chevron or linear, allowing you to tailor your flooring to match your home or business's aesthetic perfectly.


    Choose Herringbone LVT for Comfort

    Choosing herringbone LVT means opting for both beauty and practicality. It combines the authentic appearance of wood with the advantages of vinyl flooring, including comfort underfoot. The flexibility of the layered boards means they don't feel as hard underfoot as some solid flooring options, and they retain heat to ensure your feet aren't always met with a cold surface. With their slip and moisture resistance, these tiles are perfectly suited for any room — be it in your home like kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways, or in commercial settings such as offices, showrooms, bars, restaurants, and hotels.


    Easy to Install Herringbone Flooring

    Installing herringbone flooring couldn’t be simpler. We provide all necessary instructions, along with different pattern layouts, so you can create a truly unique space. Herringbone LVT click flooring is especially popular due to its straightforward installation process, making it an ideal DIY project. Combining the stylish appearance of herringbone vinyl flooring with ease of installation, it stands out as the perfect choice for enhancing any home.

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