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    Commercial Flooring

    We recognise the importance of your business having the right impression on your staff and the public, and choosing the right commercial flooring is key to achieving this. Having the best industrial floors allows your commercial space to flourish; dreary flooring leads to unhappy environments, so creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is essential regardless of your business type. You should also consider how commercial floors will be eventually worn down and made dirty over time - however, we can offer a range of products to achieve an attractive yet functional aesthetic, from comfortable carpet to compelling vinyl flooring at affordable rates!

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    Usages of Commercial Flooring

    The diversity of commercial flooring means there’s something for every business; whether you’re looking to create a grandiose feel in a high-end retailer, simply desire something practical in a hospital or anything in between, the versatility of retail flooring means there is a choice for you!


    Office Flooring

    Choosing the right commercial flooring for your office space is important as it greatly affects your workers’ happiness and productivity. Office flooring significantly influences positivity and productivity in the workplace, so investing in commercial floors is a great step towards maximising the happiness and efficiency of your team. Much of our range can also be very easily maintained, something to think about if you have a larger office space with heavy foot traffic.


    Flooring for Shops

    When thinking about flooring for shops, you’ll want to consider how influential it is in promoting a strong brand image for your business, essential for any retailer. The diversity of commercial flooring makes it extremely simple to find the right fit for your shop; whether you’re a smaller retailer looking for something comfortable and luxurious or have a much larger store in need of something easy to keep clean but still aesthetically pleasing, there will be industrial flooring for you!


    Hospital Flooring

    If you’re considering industrial flooring for a hospital, then cleanliness and maintenance are likely to be high on your list of priorities. Fortunately, we have a great range of products that are more than suitable for hospital flooring, as you can keep it in great shape even on a larger scale, not to mention how easy they are to install. However, they also don’t lack aesthetic value, making your hospital’s environment friendlier for staff and patients alike.

    Restaurant Flooring

    A restaurant’s decor is one of the most decisive factors when it comes to customer experience, and restaurant flooring is no exception. You’ll want industrial floors that produce a positive ambiance for your business, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable whilst eating, as well as creating a positive workplace for staff who will be more inclined to interact with customers and enhance their overall satisfaction. Our wide array of colours and patterns can help you create the feel you want, without breaking the bank!


    School Flooring

    It’s often necessary for school flooring to be attractive as well as low maintenance, and our selection of industrial flooring can benefit from both of these. It’s vital to have an engaging and inviting aesthetic which can make children far more comfortable walking around large and often intimidating environments, and with so much foot traffic from teachers and students, your staff are sure to appreciate flooring that’s easy to clean!

    Styles of Commercial Flooring

    One style of commercial flooring we supply is commercial carpets, which are perfect for many businesses. The softness of carpet on both the eyes and feet is sure to create an enticing and relaxing atmosphere, applicable to many commercial settings such as a high-end retailer or upmarket restaurant. They’re also extremely flexible in designs and colours, so you can be sure we have something to match your company’s branding or other decor!

    Another option we can suggest is commercial vinyl flooring, which presents some other advantages in a practical sense. It has very high durability and it’s an effortless task to keep it in immaculate shape, which can be very convenient for larger scale buildings like hospitals, schools and even large supermarkets who will need more of a focus on hygiene. However, there is still plenty of aesthetic choice, as we stock many unique designs for you to have your creative freedom!

    Why Remland?

    We’re determined to give you the best experience if you choose to buy commercial flooring with us. We pride ourselves on our competitive trade pricing to ensure you’re getting the best deal, so you can focus on deciding what flooring would be best for your business without compromising on cost. You can also expect support every step of the way; a dedicated account manager will be able to help you with any questions you have whilst ordering, and we’ll provide support and suggestions with installation, making the whole process as straightforward as possible.

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