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    Flotex Carpet 2m Wide Roll

    Flotex sheet floor covering is the perfect textile flooring solution for every domestic, commercial and public area. We offer multiple Flotex brands that are available in sheet format, so there is always a design that fits your needs. 

    Flotex represents the best of both worlds. You simply can’t go wrong; you get the beauty, warmth of a carpet, the durable, effortless, easy-to-clean and waterproof features of vinyl and at Remland Carpets you get all of this at excellent prices too.
    Which one will match your style? There’s a wide range to pick from because Remland Carpets are officially the largest, independent Flotex retailer in the UK.

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    Flotex sheet is easy and quick to install and therefore a perfect solution for large commercial or public areas. Flotex sheet is available in rolls of 2m x 30m 

    Flotex is our textile flocked flooring brand, which is known for its high quality and unique construction. Because of this unique construction, Flotex is the most hygienic textile floor covering in the world. It is applicable in many different environments and for each environment, it has multiple advantages.

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