Tile Effect Vinyl Flooring

You love the look of tiles, right? The glossy, luxurious look. And tiles are timeless. What you install today will still be in fashion for years.


At  Remland Carpets you can find this stunning look in the form of vinyl flooring.


Here are simply a few of the tile vinyl flooring options you can select from.

What is Tile Vinyl?


Can you see the effort that goes into designing these flooring products? They look authentic and all your favourite colours are incorporated. You’ll love the final result. And at Remland you can get these looks at the best prices.


Why Should You Pick Vinyl at Remland?


Vinyl is the Smart Option

A lot has changed from the first vinyl flooring of decades ago. Today you find vinyl with many designs to complement your personal style. And vinyl makes sense for so many reasons:


  • Vinyl is easy to clean so maintenance is effortless and affordable
  • Many vinyl products have non-slip features so you can increase safety measures at home or the office
  • Vinyl muffles sound, so use it where people shouldn’t be disturbed
  • Some vinyl products are cushioned which serves as shock absorber and can create comfortable areas for kids’ to play
  • Vinyl—available in rolls of 2m, 3m or 4m—is easy to install yourself so you can save money on installation costs
  • Vinyl looks great for long and you get guarantees of up to 10 years


What other reasons do you need to consider this for your home or office? Yes, vinyl looks so stylish it’s a popular option for domestic and industrial use.


And here’s why the vinyl tile flooring ranges are so popular.


Benefits of Vinyl Tile Flooring

Tile vinyl flooring is proof of how advanced these products are these days. The flooring presents so well because:


  • Surfaces resemble tiles because of quality design
  • Authentic looks are enhanced by grout lines
  • Surfaces resemble stone or tile even when you touch them


You can get an authentic looking tile floor but you don’t even have to waste time preparing the floor or waiting for grout to dry.


And yes, you’ll find a design you’ll love for years to come.


Our Tile Vinyl Range

Remland’s Extensive Range

The Remland team sources vinyl products from many manufacturers such as Forbo, Tarkett and Gerflor. Each of the manufacturers offers unique designs so our product list is extensive. You’ll find a product that matches your personal preferences.


Pick a design that resembles stone such as Beaumont Multi or Rustic Cottage Stone. These classic looks are always in fashion and the high quality products look incredibly authentic.


Opt for a modern atmosphere with Parade Vinyl’s black and white or XL Classic Chess. The products are of such quality they can even look polished such as the ones in the Vibrant Living Range.


And in many ranges you’ll find different hues to match your exact preferences.


Are you ready to give your rooms a luxurious look at an affordable price? Place your order online today and we will deliver for free*. Remland always looks for more ways to help you find easy flooring solutions.