White Vinyl Flooring

Owners of small or confined spaces listen up! You can open up your home space simply be installing white vinyl flooring.
Best of all is that it’s an affordable option too.
Start browsing these white vinyl flooring options available at Remland Carpets. The range is so vast you’ll definitely find a design to suit your style.

Why Choose Vinyl?

Found your favourite one yet? If you’re still wondering if this is the answer, we have proof.
Why Vinyl Flooring?
Vinyl is one of the most affordable and high quality solutions for floors. It’s ideal for high traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways and retail spaces. Yes, you can use this in your office and get style matched with durability in one product.
Vinyl flooring is highly durable and super water resistant because of its design & protective top layers. It doesn’t show signs of wear and tear easily, even after extensive use. That’s why you get guarantees of up to 10 years.
Vinyl floors are easy to maintain and to clean. If you want to save on installation costs you can even put it in yourself.
Can you see why these floor are so popular with Remland customers?
Which style do you want?

Why Choose White Vinyl?

Style Categories
Depending on your décor style you can pick products from various categories. What will suit your décor and furniture best?
This category provides you with sheets of vinyl in different shades of white. These are perfect to add vibrancy to:

  • Hallways


  • Foyers


  • Dressing rooms


  • Walk in closets

The plain background will showcase your décor perfectly.
Why not add some of your favourite colours to white in a tile design?

  • Black and white


  • Red and white


  • White, grey and black


  • Grey and white

These are ideal for:

  • Restaurants


  • Kitchens


  • Living rooms


  • Bathrooms

The added colour gives rooms character and makes them captivating.
Some vinyl floors resemble wooden planks. Modern manufacturing processes are sophisticated enough to make the flooring seem authentic.
While wood is classic the white colouring is modern. Add both these characteristics to your home or office and impress all who visit.
Perhaps you want to add some unique features to your spaces:

  • Lettering


  • Zigzags


  • Abstract designs


  • Patchwork

The pattern category is perfect if you want rooms to make bold statements. Transform your home or office at an affordable price!
Why Shop at Remland?
Besides the versatile range there are other benefits to shopping at Remland:

  • You can order samples to help you pick the perfect flooring solution


  • Most orders qualify for Free* Delivery


  • You can order maintenance and installation accessories from our online store

Are you ready to make your home appear brighter and inviting? White vinyl flooring is the way to go. And Remland will help you find all your flooring needs. Place your order today to get the process started.