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    Walnut Laminate Flooring

    Have you considered walnut coloured floors for your home’s next décor project?

    The beauty of walnut laminate floors is they match every type of décor. You don’t have to worry about matching the floors to the décor and vice versa. It will always work!

    You may be asking “where can I get these floors?” The solution is Remland Carpets.

    When you visit the website you can explore and discover why walnut laminate floors are becoming a must have. You’ll also learn that walnut floors are a simple and effective décor trick in turning your room from boring to jaw dropping.

    The Design Inspiration

    Laminate flooring has been popular for years. And it applies to homes and offices. Centuries ago wood was the best option to build homes. Today, though there are other flooring options, most of us still have an affinity to it.

    Walnut laminate floors are no exception. The walnut designs at Remland Carpets are inspired by the traditional look from eras ago.

    The floors at Remland are designed to have authentic looks of different walnut types. With the different types of walnuts used as inspiration you get different shades of floors:

    • Mahogany
    • Dark brown
    • Brownish-grey

    And all the planks will look as if they were cut from a real walnut tree.

    Why Install Walnut Floors in Your Home?
    Besides the classic look there are advantages to walnut floors that you’ll enjoy.

    The Style

    Walnut laminate flooring is available in different styles to pick from. The styles include:

    • Strip
    • Plank: This is wider than a strip to cover more room which makes for easier installation.
    • Parquet: These are square panels which are used to create a geometric pattern on the floor.

    It’s an Asset

    Walnut engineered wood flooring is popular to install because it offers homeowners value. The floors are an attractive feature and the authentic look makes your home seem valuable to potential home buyers.

    When you look after your floors you can list your home at a higher asking price. You’ll be happy with the significant return on investment in your pocket.

    Easy Maintenance

    The engineered wood flooring at Remland are fairly easy to maintain so you won’t dread cleaning ever again!
    How can you look after your soon to be beautiful floors?

    • Regularly sweep the floors. Dirt build up can scratch your floors.
    • Avoid stains by cleaning spills immediately.
    • Wash your floors with hot water every few months.
    • Use gentle wood-safe soaps to clean the floors. These won’t strip the colours.

    You’re promised high quality walnut floors at Remland. We offer affordable solutions and free delivery* for qualifying online purchases. It’s a deal you can’t miss. Go online, explore the catalogue and shop today!

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