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    JHS Commercial Carpets

    Joseph, Hamilton and Seaton (JHS) have been a leading supplier of commercial carpet, contract carpet tiles and commercial floor coverings in the UK for over 50 years. They are major hotel carpet suppliers as well as office and school carpet suppliers. They also supply carpets to Healthcare, Corporate, Leisure, Housing and Retail markets..All available from Remland Carpets online now!


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    With JHS and Remland You Get the Best in the Market

    They’re Extremely Popular
    Throughout the years JHS has made the finest floors. Most industries have found pleasure in having them installed in their facilities.

    Home owners don’t want to constantly replace their floors. The floors are 18% wool and 20% nylon which are twisted together in a variety of widths & pile weights. This makes them last for years.

    The carpets consist of different colours and designs adapt to the ever changing modern trends. You’ll find something to match your décor.

    Educational Facilities
    These carpets are made with the latest tufting and fibre technology. This boosts the durability so it lasts in areas where quality is needed.

    Care Environments
    JHS makes carpets and vinyl flooring which are both great options for any care environment.

    All the carpets are waterproof which prevents any spill penetration. The 100% polypropylene prevents any spills from staining.

    The corporate carpet rolls and tiles offer high performance. The tough carpets won’t wear thin easily even though people are walking around the office every day.

    And the designs will look vibrant and impressive. Isn’t that what your office needs?

    Leisure and Hospitality
    The floors are manufactured to be strong which makes them withstand the rigours of the hospitality market. You can install the carpets in hotels, pubs and gyms. Moisture won’t affect the carpets’ durability.

    Other Options

    Can you see what you're after? No, do you need:

    The various colours and textures add style to any commercial area while still providing the durability you need.

    JHS has all that you need. And it’s all available here at Remland Carpets.

    Easy to Install
    Want to save more money and try a DIY project? All the floors are easy to install. They can be easily cut to wrap around edges better. There is no hard labour involved in installing the floors. Simply remember to prepare the floors for the installation.

    There are two installation methods:

    • Direct stick
    • Double stick contract installation

    You onlay need strong adhesive. And Remland can help you with that too! Visit our accessory department to get what you need.

    Why Purchase These Floors From Remland?
    We pride ourselves in our quality service. Our friendly staff members help make your shopping experience exceptional and you know our prices are tough to beat. Even JHS floors can be yours at affordable rates.

    All your flooring dreams are made possible with Remland. Which JHS floors did you select? Place your order today so your commercial space’s transformation can start.

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