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    Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

    Bathroom vinyl flooring is a quick and easy way to transform your room into the luxurious image you’ve always dreamed about.  At Remland Carpets, our bathroom lino options remain affordable despite its ever-increasing popularity and demand. We also offer a selection of bathroom vinyl tiles in our ranges.


    Our bathroom lino flooring options are made to suit humid and wet environments, and the durability and slip resistance make them the ideal choice when designing your bathroom. Vinyl flooring is one of the best options for residential and commercial properties alike.


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    Bathroom Vinyl?

    Remland Carpets stock the UK’s largest online bathroom vinyl flooring range, so you have a huge amount of colours, patterns, and styles to choose from. 


    We stock every major brand from Leoline, Lifestyle Floors, Polyflor, Beauflor, and many others.  All of our bathroom vinyl floors are available to order online immediately, at low prices that will suit all of our customers’ budgets. 


    As well as our vinyl bathroom flooring, we also offer accessories for bathrooms, kitchens, and any other room that fits, which includes door bars, adhesives, and beautiful wooden thresholds made from high-quality materials. 


    Take advantage of our fast delivery across the UK, with many of our bathroom lino flooring products delivered without additional delivery fees.  Your remodelling aspirations are but a click or a phone call away.


    Bathroom Vinyl Brands

    The Brands

    Take a look in more detail at the different brands of bathroom vinyl tiles offered at Remland Carpets.


    • Avenue of Styles is a floor covering manufacturer based in Belgium.  They boast the most efficient vinyl producing factories, using wind farms and recycling waste on-site.  From this modernized facility, they manufacture both classic and contemporary styles.


    • Beauflor is another Belgian floor covering manufacturer that specializes in vinyl floor coverings.  They maintain a state-of-the-art facility where they manufacture vinyl flooring for every room, with quality approved by the CSTB and backed by REACH, a human health initiative put forth by the European Union.


    • Leoline is a UK-based company that manufactures contemporary styles in the facility in Belgium.  Their 2019 Collection offers bathroom vinyl flooring styles that make elegant visuals affordable by the discerning homeowner.


    • Lifestyle Flooring is a company based in the UK. They bring a western flair to a table that is dominated by Belgian manufacturers, with a history of quality vinyl manufacturing that goes back five decades. 


    • Novilon Flooring is a division of Forbo, one of the most popular manufacturers of vinyl flooring bathroom in the world.  Their vinyl coverings are of the same high quality as their carpet tiles.


    • Polyflor has a one-hundred year plus tenure manufacturing tiles in the UK.  This history puts them at the forefront of the classic styles of bathroom lino created across the decades.


    Maintaining Bathroom Lino

    Our Floor Coverings are Easy to Maintain
    Bathrooms are busy areas, so the last thing you need is a high-maintenance floor that requires time and effort to keep clean.  Our bathroom vinyl floor tiles give you the luxurious look of solid floors like stone and ceramic tiles, without the added upkeep, because they are so simple to clean.  Here are a few tips on keeping vinyl floors maintained:


    • Much like carpets, a good cleaning routine helps extend the life of your bathroom lino flooring.  The idea is to sweep often enough to avoid dirt and particulates from grinding into the vinyl permanently, at which point it becomes difficult or even impossible to clean them by conventional means.  Incidentally, vacuums work on vinyl floors as well as brooms, especially those with attachments that allow you to get into corners that brooms can’t reach.  Most experts recommend you sweep at least once a day after dinner, when debris is likely at its most prevalent and when occupants begin to unwind.  Also like carpet, you want to make sure you clean spills as soon as they happen to avoid permanent stains.


    • As mentioned, bathroom vinyl floor tiles don’t require harsh chemicals to keep clean. Most vinyl floors require only soap and lukewarm water with a mop.  Just be sure to use soap that is designed for your specific floor type to avoid residue buildup.  After cleaning with the soap and water, go over the floor once more with cold water to lessen the chance of residue buildup even further.  It is advisable to only use enough water to wet the mop, however, as oversaturation of a vinyl floor might allow water between the seams.  Over time, this has the potential to warp the tiles’ corners and wear away at the glue that holds it in place.


    • Use ‘furniture feet’ if you are placing vinyl floors in areas with heavy furniture like couches or appliances like refrigerators and washing machines.  This will prevent the vinyl from accumulating unsightly dents.  You should be able to find these at your local hardware store.


    • Rolling items like office chairs can also have an unfavourable impact on the surface of vinyl, so consider placing a rug underneath them to avoid leaving streaks everywhere.  The same applies to moving furniture in, out, or around a room that has vinyl floors; you want to lift the furniture whenever possible to avoid skids on the floor.


    • Use doormats for vinyl floors near outside doors and enforce the ‘wipe your feet before entering’ rule if you want to avoid abrasive exterior elements from scuffing your vinyl floors.


    Why Bathroom Vinyl Flooring?

    Below, we've listed express why bathroom lino is a viable option for your new floor or remodelling project:


    • Vinyl is highly durable.  Vinyl flooring for bathrooms can last up to twenty years in an area with moderate traffic.


    • Vinyl saves money.  It is one of the least expensive flooring options, and the energy efficiency can save more money over time.


    • Vinyl is easy to clean.  See below for tips on how to maintain your vinyl floors.


    • Vinyl is comfortable.  Both the heat retention and the balanced surface contribute to vinyl’s pleasant underfoot feel.  Different brands offer greater comfort at a higher price.


    • Vinyl has good resistance.  While bathroom floor vinyl surfaces aren’t immune to long term exposure to liquids, most spills remain will remain on the surface, where they can be cleaned easily.  This is good for avoiding stains, but also for preventing residual damage.


    • Vinyl is easy to install.  Most vinyl flooring is installed using a simple construction adhesive beneath the bottom layer; some require no adhesive at all.


    Luxury vinyl tiles are made especially for rooms where spills are expected like bathrooms, but they can also work in kitchens, laundry rooms, and hallways.  High-quality materials like those sold online at Remland carpets are also good for homes with pets, as their surface is made to resist scratches from claws and nails. 


    Ordering Bathroom Lino UK

    For your convenience, our website has numerous filters that allow you to narrow down your selections until you’ve found the style that matches the one in your imagination. 


    The thumbnails can be filtered by price (from high to low, or from low to high), and by name (A to Z, or Z to A) using the drop-down sorting tool found above the grid. 


    To the right of this grid is a filter that further separates the listings by three types.  Attributes can be selected in conjunction with others to form multifaceted descriptions of each bathroom flooring vinyl item in our catalogue:


    • Colour - There are a few colour types to choose from, including the multicoloured option that has two or more colours blended into one. 


    • Style - The styles listed below indicate the aesthetic range of each bathroom lino floor.  While the materials are essentially the same, the styles can be made to emulate anything from wood to stone. 


    • Brand - We offer vinyl tiles from the top-selling brands in the UK and abroad.  If you’ve got a favourite manufacturer, they’ll be found here.   The different brands we offer are expanded on below.

    All of our bathroom linoleum flooring can be delivered throughout the UK.



    Once your order of vinyl bathroom tiles has been placed whether it's online, over the phone or in store, we’ll arrange for your flooring to be delivered to your door. Delivery is FREE* to most parts of the UK.


    Visit our Store

    Our store in Folkestone, Kent, stocks a huge range of all of our vinyl flooring for bathroom products. Pop in and see us and you can see for yourself just how good our flooring is.


    Complete flooring solutions

    Remland Carpets offers a range of floor coverings. This means you can get all your flooring from one vendor. Do you only need Vinyl, or are you in search of:




    All flooring types require accessories. Make sure you visit the Accessories department for:




    For more information about our inexpensive vinyl flooring or accessories, feel free to contact us by telephone at 0800 246 1099 or email us at


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