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    Tarkett Vinyl Flooring

    Tarkett flooring is a worldwide brand that combines convenience with contemporary design in their extensive range of vinyl flooring.  In fact, they have so many designs and colours available that your biggest challenge may be choosing which Tarkett vinyl fibrefloor to go for!

    Their extensive range of choices include top quality vinyl sheet flooring at exceptional prices and quality, as many of Tarkett’s floor tiles are available under clearance prices that help you save even more!

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    Why choose Tarkett?

    Vinyl flooring is no longer a thing of the past, and Tarkett appreciates that both style and comfort are important to homeowners. Most manufacturers will sacrifice one for the other or fail at trying come somewhere between, but this doesn’t always need to be the case. 

    Tarkett’s vinyl flooring is hardwearing and easy to maintain, but it also comes in a ton of modern colours and designs to suit the aesthetics of any home in the UK.

    These beautiful designs and styles will suit your decor and your budget, so order your Tarkett vinyl online and you can take advantage of our fast delivery.

    Tarkett's Ranges

    Tarkett vinyl offers a collection of ranges that define the mood of the available styles and colours.  Most of the styles listed below include more than a dozen colours and patterns for each, giving you a wide selection of choices:

    • The Homestyle range is a collection of more rustic materials like classic wood, stone, or mosaic effects.  You’ll certainly find something that matches your build or remodeling vision.  This style also comes in a classic white style that is a much brighter contrast to the gray tones of the standard Homestyle range.
    • The Modern Living brand is, exactly as its name indicates, a fusion between the sleek visuals of modern flooring combined with the resilience of modern materials.  This style comes in nineteen different colors, including multicolored varieties, and its price places it somewhere between the budget styles and the more expensive hard-wearing selections.
    • Elegance is a neo-classic style with embossed surfaces made to provide a luxurious and slip resistant appeal at an affordable price.
    • The Textar style provides a versatile selection, as it ranges from the minimalist catera whites and middle-grays to the sleek brighton black/white to the luxurious cottage stone.  It is manufactured with a felt backing that provides extra underfoot comfort and warmth.
    • Goliath is the thickest, most resilient style among Tarkett’s catalogue.  It comes in nineteen different colours, each of which provide a different aesthetic.  Goliath has added surface protection seven times harder than normal vinyl flooring, making it ideal for areas that are prone to a lot of punishment.

    About Tarkett

    Tarkett flooring is a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing and has been pursuing the development of sustainable products for decades.  Their ‘Balanced Choice’ initiative promotes affordability and performance in a customized package that branch beyond what the typical selections. 

    A key element of their business practices focuses on sustainability, which points to the quality of their products as well as the quality of their seller-to-buyer relationships. 
    Tarkett vinyl flooring uses renewable materials where applicable, and they consistently monitor resources in an effort to minimize consumption.  Recycled products are used from the beginning of manufacturing through the end. 

    They boast the largest recycling plant in the industry, and have carried the standard for renewable flooring practices for almost a decade.  This is measured against the conservation of chemicals used to clean the floors and its effect on air quality. 

    The objective is to provide safe, sustainable flooring that meets the everyday needs of consumers in all walks of life. 
    Supreme Protection
    Supreme Protection is Tarkett’s patented surface treatment for vinyl floors. It protects against daily wear by adding improved stain resistance, lessening the impact of spills and making maintenance much less of an ordeal.  Supreme protection not only helps to keep floors beautiful, it also reduces noice because it increases the floors' thickness. This means your floors will stay looking polished and pristine for much longer.


    Remland Carpets offers fast delivery on qualifying orders of Tarkett flooring.  This includes Tarkett lino clearance items, so you can get the most durable and aesthetically pleasing vinyl flooring without the high costs found at other retailers. 

    Browse our range and find out more about the individual styles on offer, including price per square meter, the most recent product reviews from real customers, product details, and how to order free samples.

    We also provide accessories that may be needed for installation, such as double-sided tape, door bars, and adhesives - helping you to get the job done, from the conception of your idea through to completion!

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