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    Artificial Grass Accessories

    Make installing your artificial grass a breeze with our range of artificial grass accessories! Our collection of fake grass accessories will make your life far easier, with a vast range of products that help both with putting in your new lawn as well as helping to maintain its appearance for years to come. These essentials are perfect for homeowners and businesses who just want a simpler solution to grass, and we’re excited to present them to you at extremely affordable prices!

    Various Fake Grass Accessories

    We have a diverse range of accessories for artificial grass that will make your life a whole lot easier when making the switch from a natural lawn. Dreading the process of laying down your new grass? We have plenty of artificial grass installation accessories to help you out, such as our Artificial Grass U Shaped Turf Pins, Lawnfix Artificial Grass Adhesive and more - these fake turf accessories are crucial when it comes to putting in your new grass. We’re also keen on maintaining the beauty of your lawn too, which is why we have great artificial grass accessories like our Budget Weed Proof Membrane - preventing weeds from overtaking your lawn, it’s a must-have!


    Why Get Artificial Grass Accessories?

    Our collection of artificial grass installation accessories spans a variety of things that cater towards making your faux lawn look amazing - making sure it always has a natural appearance with pegs and joining tape, combined with membranes that prevent weeds taking over, ensures that the aesthetic appeal of an artificial lawn is never ruined. Our high-quality fake grass accessories will ensure a fully cohesive and flawless look, regardless of the size of your project or method of installation.


    Affordable & Reliable

    We won’t ever compromise on quality, with our own premium artificial grass accessories available in the UK as well as top-notch brands like Lawnfix also offering their products, but that doesn’t mean we’ll charge a fortune either! Our range of accessories for artificial grass is proof that quality and affordability can go hand in hand, meaning you can get that high end finish with your lawn without breaking the bank.

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