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    Brown Carpets


    Carpets are back in fashion, This is because of the lovely soft texture, the cosy feel, and the warmth it adds to any room.


    That’s why you’re here now – to add these elements to your home. But, you don’t want any old shag pile because you’re looking for brown carpet. Of course, understanding the colour is only one element. To get to grips with your entire needs, you need to consider everything from style to brand to texture to touch. As experts in all things brown carpet related, we’re here to help.

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    Our Brands


    Only the best will do, and that’s why we sell the best brands in the industry. Whether you’re looking for Lano, Carefree or iSense, we’ve got you covered. Our full range of brands is available to view by clicking this link.


    What sets our products apart from the rest is the mix of quality and price. As far as cheap brown carpet goes, we are one of the most affordable suppliers in the market. Our Prisma Loop, Carefree range option is only £8.99 per m2. You will be hard pressed to find a better deal anywhere else.


    Some Styles We Offer


    We know that putting down any old brown carpet will not have the desired effect. As well as choosing a colour and a brand, you need a style which compliments your home. That’s why Remland Carpets are proud to provide customers with a range of styles. Our Rock n’ Roll (Tainted Love) striped carpet is incredible for living rooms with its compressed yet sleek appeal. With Barefoot Marble (Abu), your bedroom will scream elegance and class next to your bed with crisp, white sheets.


    Carpets That Last


    With brown carpet, style isn’t everything. It’s going to get a lot of foot traffic, so the material needs to be durable enough to handle the constant treading on the fabric. Thanks to our thick brown carpets on offer, there is no need to worry about the material breaking down and appearing old and tired. You can choose your desired roll up to 2m in width, and some go up to 4m. There’s a reason we’re a supplier of outdoor carpets too.


    JHS, Crown Floors and Alternative Flooring are stain resistant. No matter the mark or blemish, your brown carpet will hold up and not lose its deep colour. They’re easy to clean too so you won’t waste time with a sponge and spray.


    Premium Quality


    We are proud and confident of the product we sell. Maybe it’s because of our 26 years of experience in the industry. After a quarter of a century, you start to get a feel for what the customer wants. Regardless, we’re happy to put our offerings to the test with manufacturer guarantees. 


    With carpets in all shades for a variety of functions, Remland Carpets will be able to take care of all your carpet needs.


    Call or Email us now so we can help you find what you're looking for!


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