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Coir Matting

Prepare yourself for the rain and bad weather with our selection of natural coir matting, in stock and cut-to-length when you order.  Update your entrance with ease with Remland Carpets'  selection of high-quality natural coir matting.


Choose between our wide range of contemporary colours, from natural browns to grey, red and black.  Embellish your entry points with sustainable materials that protect your interior flooring from mud and dirt, while adding a personal touch to your home or office that makes guests feel welcome. 


Why Choose Coir Matting?


We encourage our consumers to compare the prices of our coir mats to those of other retailers on the market.  We at Remland are confident you won’t find better deals on the material anywhere else.  We are also certain you won’t find the same guarantees and selections that we provide. 


What is Coir Matting?

Coir fibres are textiles made from the fibres of a coconut that has been used to construct natural fabrics for thousands of years. The layer between the inside of a coconut and the outer layer of the coconut.  The thick cellulite under the coconut’s skin is a naturally resilient fibre that resistant to abrasion and tearing.  


Coir fabric started off as go-to fabric for ship sails and ropes, but over time this has expanded to a number of uses, including floor mats.  There’s also the manufacturing of coir matting to consider.  As it comes from natural materials, it is one of the most sustainably-sourced flooring textiles around, especially when you consider that the part of the coconut from which it is derived would be compost otherwise.


We pride ourselves on making our products affordable for our customers, but we also pride ourselves on quality, guaranteeing all of our coir mats are of the highest quality. Remland’s coir matting is made from sustainably sourced natural fibres, making it extremely durable and hard-wearing.  Coir fibres are highly absorbent to water and soil mixtures, so they are an ideal material to fashion entrance flooring that keeps the rest of your floors clean.  


Our Coir Mat Ranges


We have a diverse selection of coir mats available in a selection of ranges.  Some are understated grays and browns that blend in to the decorum; others are stylized and personable, for that contemporary touch that makes a statement about your personality.  They are as follows:


  • Natural Coir Matting (featured product) is a perfect fit for any entrance hall in either home or business, or it can be used as external carpeting in front of a door or across an entire porch.   For internal use, the fibres are treated with a natural finish that offsets its natural absorption and allows it to function more like a very thick normal carpet that can be cleaned easily and still protects the remaining floors.  It is one of the more versatile coir mats, coming in black, gray, dark brown, and red.


  • The Baltimore Runner is an elegant entrance mat that will add a bit of panache to your home or office, so the first thing your impeccable taste will be the first thing guests see when they enter.  The Baltimore Runner comes in beige, blue, brown, and grey, each of which could add into your colour schemes without standing out too much.


  • Cool Mats are made for dog and cat lovers.  The mats are one hundred percent pure coir.  The hard-wearing natural coconut fibres provide a tough upper layer for the resilient vinyl underneath.  The Cool Cats Mat presents the image of three cartoon felines facing the door, and the Cool Doggie Mat has three adorable puppies posed in the same position.  A great gift for pet enthusiasts, or for yourself!


  • Our Toronto Entrance Matting is a heavy-duty floor covering made for high-traffic entry points and exterior walkways.  It is an understated blue-gray weave that is appealing for the home and practical for the office. 


  • The Viking Mat Door Mat is our rendition of the classic welcome mat.  The mats come in two distinct flavours: a half-circle with an even brown tone surrounded by Celtic insignia; the other bears the word “welcome” for all your guests.


  • The Masterpiece Mats are an artistic entry piece made from high-grade rubber that effectively cleans the shoes of any who pass its surface.  The mat itself is a beautiful crocodile print in an earthy brown.  Bonus: the mat’s materials are almost completely made from recycled materials, so the manufacturing process has minimal effect on the environment.


  • The Door Mat Master Mat is an all-coir top layer with a hardwearing rubber bottom layer.  These mats can blend into any interior or exterior surface, offering extra protection for your interior flooring against external contaminants.

We also sell high-quality carpet protectors for half of what you’d pay at any other carpet retailer.  Our transparent 69mm-wide synthetic material protects the carpet underneath from can be cut to your specifications, so it will fit into any space necessary.  It protects your carpet from the wear of daily use, and keep your flooring pristine for much longer.


Ordering with Remland

Order online and save

Select your size and order online from Remland Carpets and you can take advantage of our special online discount rates.


Most of the coir mats in our inventory are half-off, and sometimes more than half off the manufacturer’s retail price.  


You can order a single mat in the classic welcome mat style or decorate your entire entry point with a selection of different colors and prints. 


As with all flooring available at Remland Carpets, we offer fast, UK delivery on all coir mats, with the option of free delivery* to most parts of the UK.