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    Forbo Marmoleum Modular

    The word “modular” is used to describe an item that is designed to perform equally well by itself or fitting in as part of a flexible arrangement. 

    With floor tiles, this concept can apply to both function and aesthetics. 

    The newly released Forbo Modular range available from Remland Carpets offers Marmoleum tiles that allow you to experiment with an extensive range of colours and designs.  

    What is Marmoleum Modular?

    It is an exciting new range that encourages you to combine and connect varied shapes, sizes, and colours to create a stunning finish to all the floors in your home or office. 

    The collections are made with versatility in mind to grant more control to our customers over the finished product.  The results is a design that feels like your own, rather than a selection made from limited options.   

    The Marmoleum Modular range is broken down into three distinct sizes:

    Each to create a uniquely modern feel to any commercial project or flooring within your home. The designs and colours allow you to look beyond traditional floors toward choices dictated by both design and practicality. 

    The options are near-endless with the Modular range. These hard-wearing marmoleum tiles are more than just attractive to the eyes, however, they are also durable. 

    Each is at least 2.50mm thick, and each provides a durable slip-resistant surface that will stand up to the busiest of rooms. 

    In addition to our large selection of choices, we also boast the lowest online prices that are made even lower with ongoing special offers. Order today and take advantage of our fast, free delivery.

    About Forbo

    About Forbo

    Forbo Holding AG is a global flooring manufacturer operating out of Baar, Switzerland, which is a cornerstone of the Swiss’ preeminent reputation as a producer of high-quality floors. 

    They are one of the oldest and most prominent flooring companies in the world, and they also create construction adhesives, power transmissions, and conveyor belts. 

    Their flooring systems division is known throughout the world for both high-end and affordable commercial and residential floor coverings. 

    Forbo also produces Flotex, another popular brand sold at Remland Carpets.  The company has fifteen production sites in six countries, distribution in twenty-five countries, and has sales operations in every continent except Antarctica.  Over the course of their 150-year existence, the Forbo name has become synonymous with quality flooring and outstanding consumer satisfaction.

    Forbo’s Carpet Tiles are Eco-Friendly

    Marmoleum modular tiles are produced using sustainable raw materials, including linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, and limestone.  All of these crops are produced naturally and abundant, and they have high renewal rates, so the impact on the environment is minimal. 

    There are also environmentalist-approved constraints in place to prevent Forbo from harvesting beyond what is renewable, so you can purchase these tiles with the knowledge that you aren’t raising that carbon footprint. 

    The Marmoleum brand follows suite with their health-conscious initiatives in all aspects of production, from the use of renewable materials to the cleanliness of their products once they have been placed in homes and offices.

    Modular Range

    Modular Ranges

    As mentioned, the Marmoleum tiles are broken down into three design types, which can be mixed and matched to give our consumers exponentially expansive choices when deciding exactly which one is right for each room.  The purpose is to enable individualized expressions of creativity that are unmatched by other flooring brands.  The four categories are as follows:

    • Modular 50cm x 50cm tiles come in 33 different styles that are made to accommodate the elegant undertones of a relaxed environment or to grant an ideal canvass for your interior furnishing to shine.  The color schemes—grays (Mercury, Neptune, Satellite), light and dark browns (Cloudy Sands, Panema, Stardust), and black (Black Hole)—match well with earth tone furnishings like oak desks and armoires.  However, these tiles are versatile enough that it would feel at home in an upscale restaurant as much as a child’s nursery.
    • Modular 50cm x 25cm tiles have 14 designs to choose from, and each has the same exquisite, classical appeal that adapts to the room.  This versatile range has an assortment of browns, grays, blacks, blues, and earth tones that make it one of the more versatile flooring options available at Remland Carpets.  Each has the distinct mixture of different shades within the same colour to create the “marble” effect, which is aesthetically pleasing at a glance and up close.  Like most of the other Marmoleum styles these tiles are versatile enough to fit most any environment, and durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. 
    • Modular 100cm x 25cm tiles offer a really striking option and with 18 designs, it has a really useful range of styles among all Forbo’s Marmoleum floors. The designs are created using several different colours, which are then put into varied patterns to create more choices amoung what is already a robust selection.  Each design strives on the subtlety of the lined patterns woven into them, which create a beautiful symmetry that is felt as much as seen. The style has been used in every location from department stores, to offices, to nurseries, to living rooms. 


    Ordering Marmoleum tiles online only takes a couple clicks.  You can select “Add to basket” under any of the detailed listings provided on this page, or you can read about the different styles for each selections. 

    There is also a colour picker at the bottom of each listing that will allow you to change the big picture in the main information window.  Should you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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