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    Contract carpets are the perfect option to give any commercial environment a new lease of life. Designed with high levels of footfall in mind, all of our contract carpet options are highly durable and hard wearing to ensure they’ll last for years to come. This is backed up by high manufacturer guarantees, with warranties lasting up to 20 years in some cases - we only stock carpets from the most reputable contract carpet manufacturers in the UK including Flotex, JHS Tretford and many more, so whatever your individual requirements, you’re bound to find the perfect option in our range. This selection of cord carpets and other short pile options is suitable for almost any commercial space, so look through our range and see if something fits the bill!

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    Benefits of Contract Carpets

    Contract carpets are perfect for businesses and other commercial spaces including offices. As well as their hard wearing and durability properties, they also bring all of the benefits of a conventional carpet. From the aesthetic qualities to the practical aspects, contract carpets bring a range of benefits you won’t find in vinyl flooring or other styles.

    Variety of Colours & Styles on Offer

    Our contract carpets come in a variety of colours and styles to ensure that there’s something for every space. Whether you want something bold like a red carpet or a blue carpet, or something more muted such as one of our neutral carpets, we have the perfect option for you. If you want a mixture of different tones, check out our multicoloured carpets for the perfect compromise. Although most of our contract carpets are cord, we also have a range of other styles on offer including cut pile carpets, berber loop carpets and twist pile carpets.

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