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    Forbo Carpet Tiles

    Have you given up finding a commercial flooring solution? Don’t stop before you try out the Forbo carpet tiles available at Remland Carpets.

    Why do we recommend this brand? Because we’ve seen it works countless times. And with the range available at Remland you’ll find Forbo flooring that works for you too.

    Tessera, Westbond & Flotex Carpet Tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments. Side by side these three long established reputable brands offer specifiers and their clients an unrivalled carpet tile offer to meet every possible design brief.

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    What are Forbo Carpet Tiles?

    We know it’s not only the unique designs you’ll fall in love with. The Forbo carpet tiles range offers you:

    • Durability
    • Practical installation features
    • Exceptional manufacturers’ warrantees

    Look no further for your commercial flooring solutions.

    And at Remland Carpets you get this quality for exceptional prices too. Installing quality Forbo carpets is one of the smartest business decisions you’ll make.

    This is why.

    What is Forbo Carpet Tiles?

    You need quality products in your office don’t you? Forbo knows this and offers you an exceptional carpeting product.

    With Forbo flooring you get tiles made from 100% Aquafil polymide. These fibres are high in quality and will present well for extensive lengths of time.

    That’s what your commercial space needs.

    Where can You Use Forbo Carpet Tiles?

    Commercial Use

    When you decorate an office you must manage many factors:

    • Will décor items look exceptional for a long time? You must ensure visiting clients will always be impressed.
    • Will décor withstand the challenges of the environment? When many people walk on your floors you don’t want it to start looking worn.
    • Will décor help your office function better? With the right carpet products you can match functionality and aesthetics.

    All of this is possible with the durable, practical Forbo carpet tiles. They also look amazing so anyone visiting your office will gain some respect for you.

    Home Use

    The same qualities you value in an office can benefit your home.

    Use Forbo carpet tiles in high traffic home areas such as entrance halls. Purchasing such a heavy duty product will save you money in the long run.

    Thanks to the stunning designs available you’ll find a tile that matches your home’s style.

    Benefits of Forbo

    Benefits of Installing Forbo Carpet Tiles

    You’ll love how Forbo carpets perfectly align with office, business and home requirements.


    Any business expense should be an investment. With Forbo carpet tiles even your flooring can become an asset. You’ll use it for a long period thanks to these features.

    Stain Resistant

    You know spills and accidents happen easily where many people convene. Forbo carpet tiles have stain resistant qualities. This means your carpets will look great for even longer than other flooring.

    Caster chair rating

    It’s not only about high traffic in terms of people walking. Offices invariably contain many caster chairs. And yes the wheels damage flooring.

    But with the Forbo carpet range you get a high caster chair rating. The fibres won’t wear out as easily so your floors will look superb for years.

    Practical Solutions

    The Remland team recommends you use these tiles in your office—or home spaces—because it makes so much sense.

    Easy Installation Features

    What if your carpet does get damaged? You can’t control everything that happens in an office or commercial area. Luckily you can exchange a certain tile or tiles instead of replacing your entire floor. That saves you money and keeps your offices looking brand new all the time.

    Seamless Installation

    Because Forbo flooring is one of the best products on the market you’re assured of quality. This means each carpet tile is made with precision in mind. After installation you won’t notice seams, different colourations or tile edges.

    Make Office Changes Easily

    Your carpets provide comfortable work areas. But they also cover a floor containing wires. What if a wire needs to be moved or you’re adjusting underfloor heating?

    With Forbo carpet tiles changes to your office setup can happen easily. Simply remove the carpet tiles covering the specific underfloor system. They can be replaced without disturbing everyone in the office or damaging the carpet.

    That’s how a carpet becomes your most practical solution!


    You can make an impressive statement if you pick the correct type of flooring. What will match your company’s vision, values and cultures?

    The Forbo carpet range offers a variety of designs. Don’t settle for something ordinary. Remland stocks many styles so you can find the one that will serve your company’s purpose well.

    Carpet pattern—such as the geometric shapes in the Forbo Mix range—can help you change the atmosphere in your office. These designs opens up a room so small cubicles feel more spacious.

    You can take your pick from:

    • Different colours
    • Different creative, stylish patterns
    • Plain designs


    You want your office to feel comfortable. Thanks to the thick tiles in the Forbo range you’ll walk on soft surfaces all day. This also has the potential to absorb sound. Your office space can become more practical overnight.

    Your new Forbo carpet will transform your office space into modern, impressive rooms.

    Ordering with Remland

    Remland Carpets’ Unique Approach Benefits You

    When you’re doing business you want fast and effective solutions. Your interior design solutions don’t have to be any different.

    With Remland Carpets on your decorating team you’ll quickly find practical flooring solutions. This is how:

    • You can order all products online.
    • You can order samples or visit our showroom in Kent. Our friendly staff will help you pick out the perfect product for your unique environment.
    • All accessories for installation and maintenance are available for online orders too.

    Remland helps you with flooring so you can focus on your business responsibilities.

    Are you ready to transform your commercial space? And remember the designs in this range will even complement your home. If durability and practicality feature at the top of your priority list, look no further than Forbo carpets. And when you partner with Remland carpets you get the added benefits of affordability and fast delivery. Don’t waste any more time. Start ordering your office’s new carpets today!

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