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    Brown Carpet Tiles

    Natural tones are always in fashion and carpet tiles are practical flooring solutions. That’s only two of the many reasons you should consider brown carpet tiles for your next flooring project!
    Look for carpets in Remland Carpets range and you’ll find an extensive collection matched with affordable pricing.
    We know you’re looking for something unique to represent your own unique style. That’s why we source carpets from many reputed manufacturers such as Burmatex and Flotex. They manufacture different designs of brown carpet tiles so you can find the perfect one for you.

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    Why choose Carpet Tiles?

    What Makes Brown Carpet Tiles Your Perfect Solution?
    You’re looking for a practical flooring solution that also has aesthetic value.
    That’s what brown carpet tiles are!
    Beautiful Flooring
    Match the right colours of flooring, furniture and décor and these brown carpet tiles will help liven up your spaces. Pick a brown with a warm undertone and your room will seem warmer and more inviting. With the range available from Remland you’ll definitely find a design you fall in love with.
    Practical Flooring
    Carpet tiles are easy to clean and won’t show dirt quickly. Our brown carpets available at Remland have stain resistant features and are even designed for heavy-duty use. That makes them the perfect long term plan for your interiors!
    Remland even helps you with installation because you can purchase all your accessories straight from us, including underlay.
    Pick brown carpet tiles for the best flooring solution available!

    Styling Brown Carpet Tiles

    Use Them Anywhere
    Because of these versatile features brown carpet tiles may be the flooring solution you’ve been looking for.
    And yes, you can use these carpets anywhere!
    Carpet tiles let your rooms seem warm and inviting thanks to their soft surfaces. With brown carpet tiles you’ll love these effects:

    • Accidental messes won’t easily leave marks.
    • Dirt from shoes won’t easily be seen.
    • If a certain area gets damaged you can simply replace tiles instead of renovating the whole room.

    When you pick the right flooring for your home you save yourself time, money and effort!
    But brown carpet tiles’ value extends beyond the home!
    Commercial Use
    Brown carpet tiles are also ideal to install in commercial facilities:

    • Brown carpets look luxurious and make positive impressions on visitors.
    • Remland’s quality carpets will present well for years so you don’t have to replace them regularly which saves you money.
    • Hard wearing carpet tiles can be used in high traffic areas.
    • Maintenance costs on carpet tiles are low, which saves you even more time and money.

    Are you ready to pick your favourite brown carpet tiles?
    Partner with Remland for the Best Solutions
    The Remland team wants to make flooring easy for you. That’s why we offer:

    • Different types of flooring including laminates and artificial grass
    • Accessories that can be ordered online
    • Delivery services
    • Samples that can be sent to your premises
    • Our showroom in Kent
    • Affordable prices including our Clearance sales with half price options

    Our team is ready to help you!

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