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    We have over 30 years of experience in sourcing and supplying high quality carpets from high quality manufacturers around the world. We supply carpets not only to our UK customers but internationally as well; so you can be sure we really are the carpet experts we say we are.

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    About Us

    Based in Kent, we have a large showroom allowing you to see the styles, colours and quality of the carpets we have available, as well as a huge range of cheap carpets available to order quickly and easily online.
    Carpets for Every Interior
    We're confident that our huge selection of carpets offers something for everyone, regardless of where you're carpeting. From a stunning new carpet for your home to commercial projects, our diverse range of carpets covers all colours and more importantly, all budgets. Our carpets are extremely high-quality and come from the top selling brands, without breaking the bank at the same time! 

    What exactly is the Remland Cheap Carpet range?
    We proudly offer a carpet range for any room in your home, whether you're looking for a classic bedroom carpet or a hard wearing option to suit as a hallway carpet. Whether you’re decorating your home, office or want a dining room carpet, you’ll find a practical and stunning carpet in our online collection - we even have carpets suitable for more niche requirements, including our range of bathroom carpets. Because we focus on quality, we only stock some of the best brands that are already household names across the UK including The Lano Collection, Balta and Alternative Flooring.
    Our team are dedicated to providing the best quality products to you for the best price, which is why we stock carpets to suit different projects, at different price points. Some of our special offer prices are for online purchases only, so it's always worth making sure you're getting the best bang for your buck before you place your order!

    It's commonly assumed that lower priced carpets menas a significant compromise in quality, but this is far from the case. Our cheap carpet selection doesn't signify and drop in quality, backed up by long manufacturer guarantees and reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers. One of the features we focus on when choosing our range of cheap carpets is durability - with our range of budget carpets you’re guaranteed long-lasting and extremely hard-wearing durability.
    Budget Carpets: This range is specially selected to ensure that you can end up with quality carpets, no matter your budget. Although the ranges are significantly cheaper than some others in our selection, the quality is comparable and doesn't lack any of the quality of life features we know you're looking for! We sources our cheap carpets from local UK manufacturers and Europe to be sure we're not missing any great deals on carpets.

    Clearance Carpets: Older stock needs to make room for new products. When our warehouses need to be cleared our customers benefit with high quality products at reduced prices. You can view the complete Budget and Cheap Carpet ranges on our website - browse through the range and see if you can snag a deal for your renovation!

    One of the most common uses for our range is to use in kids' bedrooms or play areas:

    Kids Carpets
    We know that the kids bedroom is one of the most popular places to carpet in the home, which is why we stock a number of carpets great for children. Although we sometimes stock a range of unique kid-specific carpet designs, our regular range of carpets are great for kids too, with multicoloured carpet designs alongside our one colour designs such as our white carpets. With deep pile carpets to give a particularly soft feel, ideal for playing, as well as a whole other selection of great options, you're bound to find the perfect style and colour for your child.
    The great thing about buying a cheap kids carpet is you can afford the luxury of redesigning every few years as their interests and needs change without needing to spend a fortune! The carpets in this range are durable and stain resistant which makes them practical for kids’ play areas too.
    Don’t Forget Your Accessories
    Whether you’re planning a DIY project or paying for installation, you’ll need some accessories to make the fitting process easy and painless.
    We offer you a whole range of accessories meaning you don't have to worry about going elsewhere to get everything you need to lay your brand new carpet. We think it makes much more sense to get everything in one go!

    We stock ranges of the following:
    Door bars

    Why Choose Cheap Carpets?

    Why Purchase Cheap Carpets?
    There’s simply no reason to choose expensive flooring, especially if your budget doesn’t allow for it. We source carpets from many manufacturers ensuring we cater for all tastes, price ranges and use cases.
    You can get a lot more done in your home or office if you source carpets from our cheap ranges, giving you more flexibility and ability to work on more of your home at once. This is particularly true for our range of commercial carpets, as these are typically used in conjunction with larger renovation projects meaning you typically need much more.
    Kids’ Areas
    When you’re working with children there’s bound to be spillages and general mess. In situations where you're anticipating needing to regularly clean and maintain the floor, one of our cheap carpets is perfect for the job. Most of our carpets are stain resistant and durable, ensuring that accidents don't permanently damage the floor and are easy to maintain and upkeep. Our silver carpets and gold carpets are very popular for kids areas, creating a fun atmosphere.
    Offices are high traffic areas and you probably want to save the business money wherever you can by getting high quality products at a fraction of the cost you might find elsewhere. Our commercial range is designed specifically to be extremely durable and hard wearing without compromising on the comfort and warmth you'd expect from a great carpet.
    Furnishing and decorating a home can be a huge expense if you don't look in the right places or hunt for the right deals. By searching smartly and opting for high quality, low cost products, you can cut your expenses so you have more to spend on other décor and necessities that are important to get the right feel to your room. With one of our cheap carpets, installing some new flooring can be done at a great price, without compromising on quality or comfort. If you're not sure where to start, one of our black and white carpets could do the trick!
    Temporary use 
    There are even occasions where you might be looking for temporary flooring, or sprucing up a room at a low cost. One of our cheap carpet range is perfect for the job, allowing you to give your home a modern, new look without spending loads of money on the job.
    We Have Carpet Remnants Too
    Our carpet remnants range is another great way to give your home a new floor without having to buy a brand new luxury carpet.
    We have many carpet remnants from a range of manufacturers and designs to cater to all projects. The pieces are too small to cover entire rooms but they may help you decorate your unique spaces. Remnant carpets are perfect for:

    • Flooring for small areas in your home
    • Covering other flooring to prevent wear and tear in high traffic areas
    • Adding colour to a room without changing the entire floor
    • Insulating exterior areas such as dog houses
    • Protecting spaces such as your car’s boot
    • Minimizing noise of footsteps in areas where you need to keep quiet

    In some cases, carpet remnants are a great way to patch up your flooring without having to go for something completely new.

    Types of Carpet

    Types of Carpets
    Remland stocks a variety of carpet types, each with unique properties and features which make them suitable for different areas of your residential or commercial properties. The good news is that you'll be able to find most styles of carpets that we stock as part of our wide range of cheap carpets, meaning you won't have to compromise on the style you choose to get your new carpet at a great price. Some of our amazing carpets are discounted up to 50%, so feel free to check through the whole range to get the best deal!
    Carpet Tiles
    We also stock a range of carpet tiles which are another great way to carpet your home with a little bit of a difference to your regular carpets. Stocking a range of popular brands including Heuga, JHS, Flotex, Burmatex and many more, you can be sure you're in the right hands if you're looking for new durable carpet tiles. Even easier to install than carpets, our carpet tile range is a great option if you're looking for a DIY project with a wide range of styles and colours. They're particularly useful for commercial projects due to their long lasting durability and hard wearing properties.
    The Carefree carpet range is one of the best options for your new flooring, thanks to its stain resistance properties, long warranties of up to 20 years and easy bleach clean capabilities. Not only that, but their local UK production means we can offer you their products at very affordable prices. With a luxurious feel and great styles including a range of deep pile carpets which makes them the perfect candidate for your project, this range is definitely worth a look if you're looking into a new carpet!

    The Alternative range of carpets offer an eco-friendly and contemporary, designer option. You’ll find many different designs, colours and types, all of which make an immediate impact on anyone who steps through your door! An added benefit of the The Alternative Range is that it's made from 100% natural, renewable products so you can stay environmentally conscious whilst choosing a new carpet.
    Commercial Carpets
    If you're looking for an extremely durable carpet that can withstand constant heavy traffic for years, our commercial carpet range might be good for you. We stock a wide range of very durable carpets that don't compromise on a luxurious look and feel in order to remain hard wearing. Commercial products are sometimes found in cut pile carpet or twist pile carpets variations due to their durable properties, although there are plenty of other options for you to explore!

    Commercial carpet tiles are available in many colours, styles and designs. You can create any look you dream of with a range of either minimalistic styles, patterned carpets for a touch of flair, or some even quirkier designs if you want to really add character to your space. With long warranties and ability to create any look you want, what more do you need?


    The Remland Way
    We always look for ways to offer our customers an easy solution with our easy online ordering process and great selection of flooring.
    Effortless Shopping
    Remland offers you a wide range of flooring, so even if you decide carpets aren't for you, we have a whole range of alternative solutions for your home. These include carpetslaminate flooringvinylmarmoleum and artificial grass, among many others.
    Shopping from these ranges and purchasing cheaper carpets for the less important spaces is one of the main benefits of this range, though there's nothing stopping you doing over your whole house with some of the best cheaper carpet options around! 
    Not sure what you want? Browse through the many types of flooring and view the ranges of products
    Know what colour you want? Simply use the filters and view products that are available in your favourite colours.
    Prefer a specific brand? View its whole range. Detailed information about the brands and products are available!
    Shopping on a budget? View products that fall in that price bracket. You won’t waste time browsing more expensive options, saving time and effort so your flooring process can gain some momentum.
    Easy Ordering
    When you’ve made up your mind about which type of carpet or flooring you want, it's an easy process to place your order online and wait for delivery straight to your door!
    We do everything possible to make it easy for you to add new flooring to your rooms. For both residential and commercial use, you can use our extensive range of cheap carpets to give your space a modern touch.

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