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Budget Carpets

On a budget and looking for a great carpet? No problem at all as we offer a range of quality budget carpets at a price you can afford. We offer the cheapest carpets around from some of the leading British and European manufacturers, all at superb online prices. Here you will find an excellent selection of styles, colours and qualities to suit any room in your home, all come with Fast Free Delivery to the UK Mainland.

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Budget Carpet

What is a Budget Carpet?

Are you wondering how these low prices are possible? It’s all about how Remland Carpets does business.


We offer the best rates in the market, because we deal directly with manufacturers. We source from abroad, but also locally in the UK. Among the products we get are items specifically designed for budget renovations. 


All these items are grouped together in this department, so you can easily find them. And remember, when you shop online, you may find even lower prices. We feature specials throughout the year.


These carpets already come at a low price, but they’ll save you on installation too. Some products have underlays installed, so you don’t have to spend your budget on that accessory.

What Room?

Where will you use your Budget Carpet?


Ideal Uses for Budget Carpets

Think long term. This range could be the perfect solution for unique renovation projects:

  • Charity building projects that need quality flooring
  • Temporary space solutions where reasonably priced carpets are ideal
  • Areas where you expect damage to carpets, such as flooring where kids play


This range is the sensible solution for many applications. 

Budget Décor Tips

Budget Décor Tips

Do you want to experience ultimate savings? Pair your Budget Carpet with these tips:

  • Instead of purchasing ready-made furniture or décor, build your own. Your woodworking or needle working skills can come to good use.
  • Don’t buy new furniture if an old item simply needs a new coat of paint.
  • Use general items as décor, instead of buying anything. Use books as decoration, or hang different plates or clocks on a wall. 


See? It’s easy to keep to your budget. And with Remland’s prices you’re already one step ahead.


Remland Carpets—the Solution for All Flooring Requirements 

This is no empty promise. Our team works hard to offer clients everything they need. That’s why our products cover the following:

  • Different types of flooring, including vinyl and commercial options.
  • Accessories for installation. You can save even more money by attempting a DIY project.
  • Maintenance products so you don’t have to replace your carpets soon.


But it doesn’t stop there. To make your life even easier, we have a sample ordering service. If you’re unsure which of our products to pick online, you can order a sample or come in to our showroom in Kent. Our friendly staff will help you. 


You’ll love the Budget Carpets range for its affordability. And you’ll love the Remland team for how they help find easy flooring solutions. Everything you need is here in one place. Place your order and let’s get started.