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    Solid Wood Flooring

    Solid wood flooring is the perfect choice if you're looking to create a sophisticated and classic look in your home, which is why Remland Carpets presents an impressive collection of solid wood floors from Woodpecker and Furlong Natural Solutions

    When you order from Remland Carpets, not only will you get more value for your purchase, but you will receive peace of mind from the knowledge that you have ordered a high-quality product from a reputable brand.

    Our Hardwood Flooring

    Our solid floors can instantly transform your room, bringing nature from outside to inside with the beautiful, natural colours of solid hardwood. From White Washed Oak to an elegant Walnut, we have many types of solid wooden flooring, so you will certainly find something that matches the idea you have in mind.

    Our solid wood floors are timeless and of the highest quality, and they also come with extensive warranties that guarantee they’ll stay in that condition for years to come.

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    Solid Wood Flooring Range

    Woodpecker Flooring
    Woodpecker flooring is made to give off the rustic serenity of a log cabin floor, where the interior of the house is as natural as its external surroundings.  It is comprised of European Oak that pleases the eye with versatile shapes that tell stories of the trees’ lives. 

    The natural, earthy colour tones suggest it was handcrafted just moments before.  Woodpecker floor covering comes in two distinct styles, which contain several variants:

    • York solid hardwood flooring gives the timeless appeal of a classic hardwood floor, with many variations to suit the different types of furniture and wallpaper will complement.
      • Rustic Oak Lacquered is an even-coloured print that resides between a light and a dark tone.  It comes in lacquered and oil types for even greater variation.
      • Washed Oaks are the lighter shades that go well with darker surroundings.  This style comes in Grey Washed and White Washed, where the name gives indication of its colour scheme.
      • Select Oak Brushed and Lacquered styles are the classic woodgrain styles that are a popular choice amoung wooden floor enthusiasts.  The variations in the style reference their at-a-glance sheen, but the superior quality of each is the same.

    Furlongs Natural Solutions

    Furlongs are made with the intent to combine natural beauty with sustainable durability.  Each of these styles is made with a thick, solid oak material sourced from Virginian forests that are known to withstand years of heavy use.  Its Virginia Oak style comes in these styles:

    • Virginia Oak Lacquered comes in two different styles, which are distinguished according to their lacquer count (125 or 150).  The lacquer (150) variety costs a bit more per box because it provides a thicker layer of protection from scuffs and damage than the 125.
    • Virginia Oak Brushed and Oiled, like the lacquered variety, is distinguished by how much finish is used on the product before it is boxed.  It also comes in 125 and 150, with the same price difference as the aforementioned for the same reasons.
    • Virginia Oak Oiled is a single style that only comes in 150.  It has the same appeal as a brushed and oiled solid wood floor, except it is a bit more natural.

    Types of Solid Wood Flooring

    Brushed and Oiled vs. Lacquered vs. Oiled

    Some may have come across the identifiers for our solid wood flooring types above and weren’t completely sure what the difference is between them.  We’ve added some reference to help you decide which one is best for your needs:

    • Lacquer is a wood finish that is typically made from a material called shellac, which made by collecting resin expelled by a female lac bug.  This resin usually accumulates on trees in areas where the bugs frequent, before finish manufactures dissolve in alcohol (ethanol) turn it into a nice, shiny glaze for wood and other surfaces.  Modern methods uses multiple different solvents to copy the consistency of shellac-based “true” lacquer, making the synthetic varieties much more durable and cheaper to produce.  These floors tend to be shinier than the others.
    • Oiled floors usually refer to those treated with finishes made from linseed or tung oil, which are used because they are hard drying.  Hard drying infers that the materials used to make these oils will harden to a durable, stain-resistant, water-resistant surface after they have dried, making them ideal for wood finishes that need to stand up to wear and tear like floors.
    • Brushed and oiled floors use the same oil mentioned above, except is brushed to give the floors a more textured look and feel that contrasts with the shininess of lacquered floors.  Many believe that brushed floors appear more natural compared to their counterparts, but this is of course a matter of personal taste.
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