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    White Engineered Wood Flooring

    White engineered wood flooring is an all-time customer favourite. Whether it’s for a cosy cottage or a large office space, our engineered wood flooring will give you a timeless, classic look that really gives a wow factor. Engineered white wood flooring is the ideal choice because it’s easy to lay and a cost-effective way to transform your home or business. At just a fraction of the cost of a solid white floor, our engineered white flooring has the same high-quality finish, it’s just as durable and can also be used with underfloor heating. It comes in many different beautiful designs, take a look at our stunning selection below.

    Benefits of White Engineered Wood Flooring

    By choosing white engineered wood flooring you are choosing a floor that will last. Not only aesthetically but also functionally too. Engineered white flooring is known for its durability; it’s made up of multiple layers which allow for movement and expansion and it is finished with a solid wood veneer. The top layer has a high resistance to moisture making this a great choice for rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms and utilities in your home. Our engineered white wood floor selection is very versatile with designs ranging from pure white to a beautiful light engineered flooring combined with an oak design. 

    Our White Engineered Wood Flooring Styles

    Engineered wood white flooring comes in beautiful, natural finishes. You get all the benefits of the natural beauty of white, with the added benefit of durability, low cost and easy installation. Whether you’re after a timeless, traditional look or something more chic, we have a wide choice of natural white engineered wood flooring to choose from.

    Practical White Engineered Flooring

    An engineered white wood floor brings with it practicality like no other floor type. The multi-layered composition retains heat which not only helps to keep your house well-insulated but makes it comfortable to walk on. It will feel softer underfoot compared to many other solid floor types. The flexibility that this kind of flooring has makes it a great choice for busy areas. Engineered white wood floors are a practical choice because they are extremely durable and easy to clean making them a perfect choice for high traffic areas such as kitchen engineered flooring or an entrance hall. 

    Engineered White Flooring is Easy to Install

    A big appeal to the engineered white flooring we have on offer is that it’s easy to install. Whether you intend on fitting it yourself or calling in a professional, you can rest assured that the simplicity of the installation means it won’t take anywhere near as long, or cost as much to fit as other flooring types. The white engineered flooring available in our collection will be either a click system or adhesive glue down; full instructions come with all flooring and our experts are available to help should you have any questions.

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