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    Multi coloured Vinyl Flooring

    Why settle for one colour floor if you can have a multicoloured one? It’s the perfect way to keep your spaces interesting.
    But finding the right design can be tricky. Unless you shop at Remland Carpets. Our wide range of mulitcoloured flooring will give you exactly what you’re after.

    Why Choose Multicoloured Vinyl?

    When you add stunning designs with practical flooring such as vinyl you make a wise long term decision.
    Why Pick Vinyl?
    Vinyl was created around the 1930’s and since then people have loved it because:

    • It’s affordable
    • It’s durable enough to use in high traffic areas
    • It’s water resistant
    • It’s stain and scratch resistant
    • It’s warm and comfortable to walk on
    • It’s easy to install  

    Yes, vinyl floors offer all these benefits. They’re one of the best flooring solutions you can pick. Find this and other floor options on the Remland product list so you can purchase all your flooring items from one vendor! We’ll even provide your installation and maintenance accessories.
    Ready to pick the products you need?
    The Unique Designs
    Which of these will work best for what you imagine in your home or office spaces?
    Expertly designed patterns are the epitome of sophistication. And the experienced manufacturers we source from—such as Beauflor—know how to get this right.
    These vinyl options look perfect in:

    • Bars
    • Restaurants
    • Waiting areas
    • Conference rooms
    • Living and dining rooms

    Add a trendy look that will stay in fashion for years.
    Install floors with stripes to make your rooms look more open and elongated. The combinations of colours Remland offer will also make your room look vibrant and can tie different décor pieces together.
    That’s how powerful the right flooring can be. You simply have to pick the right design.
    Visit our showroom in Kent if you still can’t make up your mind on what to use. Or order some samples to see how it matches with your decor.
    Puzzle Pieces, Alphabet and other Kids Designs
    Give your kids’ rooms some character that will also let the spaces seem inviting to little ones. You can even use it in classrooms because different colours stimulate imagination. Vinyl is easy to clean and hard wearing so you won’t regret this purchase.
    Can you see why multicoloured vinyl flooring is a popular option with our clients? The uses are endless!
    You get all these benefits when you shop at Remland because our range is extensive. You’ll find exactly what you need. Simply browse online.
    And each time you partner with us you can make use of our benefits:

    • Free samples
    • Delivery services to your door
    • Free* delivery for orders
    • View our clearance range for extensive discounts on quality products

    Remland wants to help you find easy flooring solutions.
    Our online ordering system makes it simple for you to purchase what you need. You can start making your décor plans a reality today when you shop at Remland. What can we help with?

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