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    It’s important to have the right type of flooring in schools, and different styles offer different benefits depending on where it is being used. Educational environments are often demanding in terms of maintenance, and you need something that will withstand heavy foot traffic, especially for your school hallway flooring; however, you’ll also want it to be aesthetically engaging and comfortable for children to walk on. We have a wide variety of school flooring, so you can be sure to find something for you, whether it be commercial vinyl flooring for durability or commercial carpets and carpet tiles for underfoot comfort!

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    Styles of School Flooring

    Styles of School Flooring

    There are many styles of flooring for schools which are ideal for different areas. Our commercial flooring options give you the choices of functional hard-wearing styles for school hall flooring, visually attractive flooring for classrooms and learning areas, and other benefits so you can be sure to find the perfect option for you!


    School Vinyl Flooring

    When thinking about the best flooring in schools for you, you’re going to want to consider durability and upkeep as an important factor, and for that school vinyl flooring is the perfect practical choice! Vinyl flooring has extremely high endurance and is easy to clean, which is essential for school hallway flooring and other circulation areas which have hundreds of people walking over it on a daily basis. School vinyl flooring also has aesthetic appeal, despite its primary focus being on practicality; the sleek look offers a modern finish and has a lot of versatility, so you can make a good impression on parents and children alike!


    School LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiles)

    Our selection of luxury vinyl tiles is an excellent choice for flooring in schools, and has a large variety of uses. Much like vinyl flooring, LVT is extremely durable and easily maintained, making it perfect for circulation areas that have heavy footfall; it’s also mostly waterproof, which allows it to withstand any spillages. However, LVT school flooring is also useful in learning environments, as its noise-reducing aspects and shock absorption makes it a safe and productive space for children to learn. On top of all that, it’s super simple to install, so if you go for this option you can be sure it will come hassle free!


    School Carpets

    Our range of carpets is perfect for certain areas when choosing your school flooring. Carpets are known for their noise reduction properties and have a lot of underfoot comfort, which is perfect for both reception areas to make a good impression on guests and parents, as well as learning areas as it will create a supportive and productive environment that’s pleasant for children to be in. Our school carpets and carpet tiles are also greatly versatile in design, so you can explore different aesthetics and find one that suits your school the best; this will have a positive impact on both visitors and children alike!

    Areas for School Flooring

    Areas for School Flooring

    There are many different areas of a school when considering the best commercial school flooring for you. Reception areas, for example, should be tailored towards visitors and parents who will most often use the room, so carpets could be a great option given its benefits of comfort and aesthetic appeal. School carpet is also useful for some learning environments, as it creates a safe and engaging space for children. However, some areas like staff kitchen areas and circulation areas such as hallways would benefit from vinyl flooring or LVT for its ease of maintenance and high durability, which will withstand high foot traffic whilst being effortless to clean. Whatever area you’re looking to purchase flooring for, we’re sure to have a great style of school flooring for you!

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