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    Pink Vinyl Flooring

    What do you think of when you hear the word “pink”? Do you think it’s an unconventional decorating colour? You’ll be surprised at how it’s used to create stunning decorated areas.
    For this bold move purchase pink vinyl flooring from Remland Carpets because vinyl is the practical answer to your flooring challenges too!
    Take a look below at the stunning designs you can pick from.

    Why Choose Pink Vinyl?

    And don’t think you can only use pink in certain areas. This colour is more versatile than you think.
    Places to Install Pink Vinyl Flooring
    Styling rooms with pink vinyl floors take imagination but you’ll love the end result.
    And Remland makes the process easy because we provide all your installation accessories too. Simply place your order online and have it all delivered.
    Where will you use your pink vinyl floors?
    Baby’s Room
    The pink vinyl floors at Remland make for a perfect statement piece for your children’s rooms. Thanks to vinyl floors’ durable and hard wearing features they will stay looking like new for years while your children grow up.
    Pick a timeless design so your pink flooring will serve them well as children and teenagers too. Simply add the right paint and décor features to keep the look modern.
    Another benefit to vinyl floors is the water resistant properties. If your children spill water it won't penetrate through the floors. Picking this now can save you money on damages in future.
    Dressing Rooms and Bedrooms
    Pink can add a burst of colour and sophistication to your personal spaces. They’re also practical:

    • They’re comfortable to walk on so it makes sense you use them where you spend a lot of time.
    • They’re warmer to the touch than some other floors, creating comfortable atmospheres.
    • They insulate your rooms so temperatures don’t spike.

    Aren’t these features ideal for your bedroom or dressing room?
    Tea Room
    Pink matches perfectly with flowers, rainbows and other tea room themes. In Remland’s wide range of designs you’ll find modern and classic options that will keep your spaces in fashion at all times.
    What do you want to add to yours?

    • Brightness
    • Tranquillity
    • A personal touch

    You can do all this by picking the right pink vinyl flooring that represents your personality too.
    And here’s why you’ll love vinyl floors in areas where you work with food. Vinyl floors are stain resistant. If you accidently spill liquids you only need to clean the floors with a damp mop and you prevent decolourisation or damage.
    That’s why pink vinyl flooring is the best option for aesthetic and functional reasons.

    Why Choose Remland?

    Find the Perfect Design at Remland
    Remland’s team sources many designs so you’ll find pink vinyl flooring that suits you perfectly. There’s no limit to what you can do when you partner with us for interior design.
    Pick vinyl floors is an affordable and quick solution to your flooring needs. You’ll even get free* delivery.

    That’s how we make flooring solutions an affordable reality. What can Remland Carpets help you with today?

    * Free delivery is available on specific products or if your order totals over £95. Certain delivery areas (such as Scottish Highland, Islands and off shore areas) will incur a fixed delivery charge - you can check by entering your postcode on the shopping basket page.
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