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    Herringbone Laminate Flooring

    It’s simple to add dimension to your rooms without going to extreme expense or over the top décor. Remland offers a range of herringbone style laminate flooring that give all rooms that unique look you’re after.

    Herringbone is the “V-shaped” floor pattern you see in modern spaces. It’s the up and coming style many interior designers are installing into homes. But you don’t need those professionals to help you pick a stylish design. You only need Remland Carpets.

    We have some of the best herringbone laminate floor designs. The floors on offer are:

    • Highly affordable
    • 8mm to 15mm thick
    • Guaranteed for 20 or 25 years
    • Easy to install

    Which of these designs do you prefer?

    The Look
    Our online shop is the easiest way to browse Remland’s product range. Alternatively you can visit our showroom where our team will assist you. But be prepared to make a purchase. With the stunning herringbone designs the looks alone are enough to make you want to buy today.

    And they’re quick to assemble, even as a DIY project. When you click the planks together your floors will have a smooth, well blended finish. The floors look as if they were assembled from strips cut from a larger wooden plank.

    These strips are dyed and infused with many colours such as:

    • Tan
    • Light and dark brown
    • White
    • Grey
    • Blue

    If you want to break away from the simple look there are also patterned herringbone designs for a more striking décor style.

    They create an abstract appearance which is perfect to match with minimalistic décor.

    The Best Places for the Herringbone Design

    How you want to incorporate the herringbone design into your home is totally up to you. It’s a style that suits any place in your home.

    The Living or Dining Room
    Guests will find your rooms striking, luxurious and stylish. You can show off your hidden decorating talent.

    The more modest designs are perfect if you want a clean and open space. They help make the room appear brighter. The lines can even let a room appear larger.

    The Bedrooms
    Though each family member has a different style, herringbone designs match most of these. You don’t have to purchase different floors for the bedrooms. Create a unified look throughout your home.

    What will future home buyers think of your floors? The value of herringbone is the timeless modern look that will impress even years into the future.

    The Kitchen
    Certain floors look fantastic in the living or dining room, yet not so much in the kitchen. This is not the case with the herringbone designs at Remland.

    Whether you have an open or closed plan house you can use the same floors in the kitchen too. Thanks to the colours, designs and durability, herringbone laminate flooring is a practical option for your kitchen!

    You know you want one of these herringbone products at Remland. We will sweeten the deal by offering free delivery on qualifying orders. Shop online today for the best floors at the most affordable prices.

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