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    Red Vinyl Flooring

    You're probably missing out on the best thing that can turn your home or office décor into a show stopping feature.
    We suggest you try Remland Carpets red vinyl flooring ranges if you’re looking to make an impact.
    You must explore Remland’s range of red vinyl flooring to understand why it’s so popular.

    Why Choose Red Vinyl?

    Can you imagine where you’ll use yours yet? If you want some advice or need to look at our range, our showroom in Kent with friendly staff is waiting for your visit.
    But we want to make your decision easy, so here are some reasons you should consider this for your home or office.
    Why Pick Vinyl Flooring?
    Affordable and Easy Installation
    If you need a high quality flooring solution but have a limited budget, installing vinyl floors is the wise option. The products and their installation are affordable and easy. You only need:

    • Level floors
    • Floors that are dry
    • Floors that are dirt & debris free
    • Cutting knife
    • Adhesive for certain vinyl products

    You can install the floors yourself if you want.
    Low maintenance
    If you dread cleaning floors then vinyl is what you need. It’s one of the easiest floors to clean. You only need to sweep it regularly and a damp mop is sufficient for removing dirt marks.
    The top layers even protect against stains. As long as it’s cleaned regularly you won’t see permanent marks or decolourisation.
    Waterproof features
    As long as you clean up spills quickly water won’t seep through the floors. You can have it for years without any signs of warping or flaking.
    This makes vinyl flooring a popular option for kitchens and bathrooms.
    Did you know your flooring determines whether your spaces feel inviting?
    Vinyl floors don’t get cold in the winter as ceramic tiles do. This is thanks to padding and under layers. This even makes the floor soft to walk or sit on, making it ideal for bedrooms and play areas too.
    Vinyl flooring is the best solution for high traffic areas. The high wear and tear quality can make some products last up to 20 years.
    Your floor can be an investment instead of an expense.
    But which of Remland’s designs will suit your spaces best?
    The Styles and Their Uses
    Did you know colours communicate emotions and characteristics? Different red vinyl flooring designs include:

    • Dark red
    • Peach
    • Scarlet
    • Ruby
    • Clay red

    They all provide unique undertones that can help you create dynamic atmospheres depending on the purpose of the room:

    • Offices where you want to show power and sophistication
    • Living rooms to add warm undertones feel to the décor
    • Bedrooms to create inviting spaces for children
    • Music studios where colour can spark creativity

    That’s the power of colour and you can do it all through the right flooring.
    Where will you install your red vinyl flooring? Order our samples to help you pick the perfect design and let us deliver it to your door. Place your order online today and be eligible for our lowest prices!

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