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    Novilon Vinyl Flooring

    Does your current floor benefit you in every possible way? If you’re not enjoying comfort, style and quality you’re missing out. And Novilon vinyl can provide all of this!
    At Remland Carpets we stock the best quality products and match them with excellent prices. Browse through the range of designs and you’ll realise the style this type of flooring can add to your rooms!

    Why choose Novilon Vinyl?

    One of these products can be the next floor that transforms your home or office. Flooring has the potential to change a building’s atmosphere and use entirely.
    And when you pick a practical option such as Novilon vinyl flooring you’ll save money and effort on maintenance!
    What does your building need at the moment?
    Is Novilon Flooring the Product You Need?
    Yes there are many flooring products on the market.
    Do the following characteristics appear on your list of preferences? Then you should consider Novilon vinyl for your next building or renovation project.
    Novilon looks great for many years after installation. The Novilon products stocked by Remland Carpets carry long manufacturers’ guarantees. Thanks to wear layers that protect against general damages you can be sure a Novilon floor will serve you well.
    Easy Maintenance
    Novilon floors have smooth surfaces. Sweeping your floor and occasionally using a wet mop suffice in keeping a floor like this clean. This is excellent for cleaning because no grime is retained by the floors. This is usually a problem with flooring that contains fibres. This makes Novilon a more hygienic option than many other flooring products.
    Novilon is cushioned. You walk on a floor that offers you support and even absorbs some shock. This is a healthy option and perfect for people who walk or stand throughout the day. This is why Novilon should be considered for you next office floor.
    Have you seen the stunning designs in Remland’s Novilon range? You’ll find natural designs such as wood and original creations you’ve never seen before. What’s your personal style? You’ll find a Novilon product to match it here at Remland Carpets.
    There’s no limit to the beauty and style you can create with these ranges. Novilong is available in different designs and colours. You’ll find the perfect product to express your personal style.
    What are Your Novilon Vinyl Options?
    At Remland Carpets we make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for. We know each customer has unique tastes and preferences.
    This is why we offer you many options.
    Sizes Available
    Do you want to install your Novilon floor yourself? Make it easy by using the most practical width Novilon. Or perhaps you’re looking for the most economical option.
    We make sure you have every option possible by selling different sizes. Most products are available in:

    • 2m roles
    • 3m roles
    • 4m roles

    And what is your preferred design?

    Novilon Styles

    Different Designs
    Don’t you know which product to pick? Use this information to learn more about the products and realise what you need.
    Novilon Viva Fusion
    Do you feel inspired by natural designs such as wood or stone? Then the Novilon Viva Fusion range is for you. Best of all is it comes with Diamond Seal scratch resistance features. With a 20 year guarantee you know you’re purchasing quality.
    Nova Tiles
    Nova Tiles products deserve a mention for their Aquagrip safety features. This makes it perfect for bathrooms since you won’t slip even with liquid on the floor. The designs resemble hard stone but you’ll love the soft feel and the warmth they project.
    Clearance Options
    Remland Carpets offers you the widest range of flooring at the best prices. Our prices get even better when you’re interested in our Clearance ranges.
    Many of our quality flooring products—including Novilon vinyl—are offered at low prices. You can find your ideal Novilon flooring at up to 50% off the price you’ll pay elsewhere.
    Look for current options online so you’re eligible for the best possible prices. Perhaps you can do even more with your budget than you thought!

    Ordering with Remland

    The Service Package Remland Carpets Offers You:

    Remland Carpets aims to fulfil all flooring needs you may have. We know the challenges our customers face.
    You have to commit to one product. How do you know which one is best? If you’re working on your interiors there are so many challenges along the way.
    That’s why we invite you to make use of the Remland Carpets services. We make flooring happen fast. But we do it in the easiest way possible:

    • You don’t even have to travel to get DIY or maintenance accessories. Order it online through our website. We can deliver it to your door.
    • We know decisions are tough. If you need some assistance or a closer look:
      • Visit our showroom in Kent
      • Ask for samples to be sent to your premises

    All of this is at your disposal. Fast FREE* Delivery.
    We can make flooring solutions effortless and easy. Give Remland Carpets a try!
    Did a Novilon vinyl flooring product catch your eye? It’s an excellent option and we know it will serve you well. Help us get it to you as soon as possible! Place your order online to be eligible for the best prices and free delivery deals. Let Remland solve your flooring challenges today!

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