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    Commercial Vinyl Flooring

    If you’re looking for some hard-wearing, low maintenance but still aesthetically varied flooring for your business, then our range of commercial vinyl flooring is for you! Vinyl flooring is extremely useful for many businesses and the benefits are widely applicable; it’s easy to keep clean and is incredibly durable, which comes in handy for parts of your business that endure heavy footfall and areas that need to be kept hygienic. Industrial vinyl flooring also has a vast range of designs and is straightforward to install, so take a look at our ranges of commercial flooring and find the perfect choice for you!

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    Commercial Vinyl Uses

    Commercial Vinyl Flooring Uses

    Your business will benefit massively from the versatility of heavy duty commercial vinyl flooring. There are bound to be areas where it’s necessary to have something with appeal, but also practicality which this flooring has to offer. Unlike commercial carpet, a commercial vinyl floor is effortless to maintain which makes it an ideal choice in many scenarios!

    For instance, commercial kitchen areas such as in a restaurant is a great way to employ the benefits of vinyl flooring. Commercial vinyl kitchen floors are perfect from a hygiene perspective, as running a kitchen necessitates frequent cleaning; this style of flooring makes that task simple and efficient. Not only that, but with our wide selection of styles you’ll be able to keep staff working in a kitchen engaged and happy, increasing their productivity as a result.

    Another great use of industrial vinyl flooring is in bathroom areas, for example in offices. Again, the hassle-free maintenance of commercial bathroom vinyl flooring makes the unavoidable task of cleaning your bathrooms a smooth process; the flexibility over design is also welcome here, since having a pleasant bathroom space for your employees can go a long way to increasing their satisfaction in the workplace.

    Commercial Vinyl Flooring Styles

    Commercial Vinyl Plank/Click Flooring

    If you’re after a DIY friendly style of vinyl flooring that combines easy installation and aesthetic charm, then commercial vinyl click flooring is the way to go! These commercial vinyl floor tiles are unique in the sense that they simply click together when you put them in, avoiding any traditional methods that may involve glue. As well as that, commercial vinyl plank flooring has a charming aesthetic that offers a natural wood flooring look that is extremely realistic; this gives you options for your business to create a warm atmosphere with wood-effect flooring, whilst having all the benefits of straightforward installation and easy maintenance!


    Commercial Vinyl Flooring Rolls

    Heavy duty commercial vinyl flooring rolls have some exceptional qualities which makes them a great style of vinyl flooring to use in your business! The flooring is installed as one large individual sheet, which means not only is the installation process uncomplicated, but it also has no visible seams; this allows for a clean, sleek look which looks brilliant in the workplace. Not only that, but commercial sheet vinyl flooring is extremely affordable and often cheaper than other options, so you can achieve an immaculate look at cheaper rates!

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