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    Browse our range of hard wearing, non slip commercial vinyl flooring. The impervious sheet material of our safety flooring can be heat welded and coved to provide a seamless finish that can be easily maintained whilst still combining the assurance of sustainable slip resistance with high durability for years of performance. Our safety flooring is ideal for kitchens and ancillary areas such as the pot wash, storage areas, cold stores, service corridors, bars and serving areas. Order online NOW for your special SALE prices and Fast Delivery!

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    Why Commercial Vinyl

    Why Is Vinyl Perfect For Your Commercial Area? 

    People constantly walk into and out of your business. They may pull trollies with them that hold heavy items. Do you know what constant traffic does to your floors? Yes, it wears them out. 

    People not only purchase vinyl for its looks but for the hard wearing properties it possesses.

    The vinyl floors you find at Remland are thick and made from the best sourced materials which won’t allow them to break easily under pressure. 

    Vinyl flooring is also waterproof. They’re perfect to install in kitchens and bathrooms. Moisture won’t penetrate through the vinyl. No water damage means that your floors will have a long lifespan. 

    Another benefit you’ll experience with vinyl flooring is how easy the maintenance is. Dirt barely scratches the floors. You can simply sweep when needed. There won’t be any stains if you clean up spills immediately. When you care for your floors well you also boost their longevity. 

    Remland Collection

    Why You’ll Love the Vinyl Collection at Remland 

    The number one emphasis we put on our flooring is the slip resistant aspect to them. Even if the floors are wet the chance of you slipping on them is low. 

    But we know flooring is also about aesthetics. You get the best in the market at Remland.


    There are five well trusted brands that supply us with the best vinyl floors: 

    What the brands have in common is their ability to engineer floors that are stylish, durable and easy to install. Our brands promise that the floors you buy will last 20 years and more. 


    You have many designs to pick from. They range from basic solid colours to authentic looks resembling wood. 

    The designs give you options to find the perfect match for your preferences:

    • Classic designs match most décor styles
    • Learners in classes will love the vibrancy of the blue or green colours
    • Boardrooms show professionalism with the black or grey vinyl floors

    The wood vinyl will look fantastic in the hospitality sector where you want to elongate rooms for a brighter and bigger appearance. 

    See? All your requirements are met right here at Remland.

    Our team works hard to offer you all the benefits you’re looking for:

    • A great collection
    • Good prices
    • Online purchases
    • Free nationwide delivery

    Make the switch to vinyl floors and let us help you. With our help your flooring problems will be solved overnight. Shopping with us is easy, so do it now.

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