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    When choosing the right office flooring for you, you’ll want to consider the importance of creating a pleasant workplace for your employees as well as the practicalities involved. Creating a positive and healthy work environment offers many benefits, such as happier workers, less sick reports and higher productivity; how you want to create this depends on what type of office flooring suits your space best. Whether you’re after the comfort of carpets or the design flexibility of vinyl flooring or laminate flooring, we’re confident we can provide you with a diverse range of flooring for offices for you to decide what atmosphere you want to create for your workspace!

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    Styles of Office Flooring

    There are various different options when picking the right type of commercial flooring to suit your requirements. We can suggest many options for your own office flooring, which have functional aspects as well as flexible aesthetic choices, so you can be sure to find the right choice for you!


    Office Carpets & Carpet Tiles

    One office flooring option you can go for is office carpets, which has many upsides to consider. You can be sure to create a positive atmosphere in a workplace with carpet, as not only does it provide comfort for employees but it also is hugely noise-reducing, allowing people to focus and be as productive as possible. Office carpets are also highly durable; in a busy office setting, your flooring goes through a lot of wear with high foot traffic and usage of office chairs, but our specially designed office carpets are more than capable of withstanding this. If you’re looking to create a positive environment that can resist the test of time, then commercial carpets and carpet tiles are for you!


    Office Vinyl Flooring

    Office vinyl flooring is another option which presents you with some other advantages. Not only does office vinyl flooring have high durability, but it’s also very easy to maintain, which is far more suitable for larger and busier office spaces. Despite this, it doesn’t lack in appearance; vinyl flooring for offices has some very flexible design choices, with many different colours and styles to choose from to make sure your office is still an inviting and dynamic area for your employees. Should you need any more convincing, our commercial flooring is super simple to install, so putting your desired work environment in place couldn’t be easier when choosing from our range of commercial vinyl flooring.


    Office Laminate Flooring

    Laminate flooring for offices is also a fantastic choice; it allows for easy maintenance and installation much like vinyl flooring, but it gives a far more natural aesthetic, reminiscent of authentic wood flooring. If you want something with a warmer feel whilst being affordable and convenient, then laminate flooring is the way to go!

    Which Office Flooring Is Right?

    The best type of flooring for your office is often dependent on your preference of flooring style and how much wear you anticipate it going through. Office carpets, for instance, are great for your employees and productivity levels because of their comfort and noise-reducing features, not to mention their flexibility of design. However, vinyl or laminate flooring for offices are practical in terms of their ease of upkeep, which could prove useful for very large office spaces or offices that have to endure a lot of foot traffic. Whatever the purpose, choosing the right office flooring for you is essential and we’re positive we have plenty of options for you to consider in our range.

    Why choose Remland?

    When buying office flooring with us, we’ll be there to assist you with every detail. Not only can we offer competitive trade pricing, we’ll also be able to support you with installation; our live chat and business consultations are available so you can focus on choosing the right flooring for you and leave the rest to us!

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