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    Loop Pile Carpet Tiles

    Do you know which type of Carpet Tile is best? Loop Pile is one our favourites and our customers love it too: Loop pile carpet tiles are perfect for home and commercial spaces.
    The first thing you’ll love is the stunning designs available at Remland Carpets. They’re so diverse you’ll definitely find one to suit your rooms.
    We know these products will look amazing and add some warmth to your home.

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    Why Choose Loop Pile?

    We want to help you make the right decision. Here’s information on this unique flooring product to help you pick.
    What is so Unique About Loop Pile Carpet Tiles?
    Loop pile carpet tiles are manufactured in a traditional weaving process. All piles start looped and fibres are woven in & out of the loops. The fibres are tightly packed which result in firm and knotted piles. This gives your floors a quality look and makes the carpets durable.
    Loop carpets also tend to fray less than cut pile carpets since the fibres stay protected in the loops.
    Because more than one fibre is used a variety of colours can be incorporated into the design. This means different designs so you can find one that suits any room you’re decorating.
    The weaving process can be done in any direction to create different shapes. When you place the carpet tiles strategically you create the illusion of a large carpet with one pattern.
    Why are Loop Pile Carpet Tiles Perfect for You?
    If you want a risk free option you can't go wrong with loop pile carpet tiles. Why?
    They’re Trackless
    The number one advantage to this flooring option is that it’s trackless. You’ll never see footprints or vacuum tracks and the flooring always appears brand new.
    Loop Piles are Easier to Clean
    The unique construction makes the carpets easy to clean. Dirt and liquids stay on the surface of the carpets & won’t sink in.
    They’re the Best if You have Allergies
    This carpet won't hold any dirt or debris. It’s easily removed by simply vacuuming. This can actually improve the air quality in your home or office and prevent dust or allergens from triggering your allergies.
    This makes it beneficial for homes where family members struggle with allergies or schools where students react easily to dust. You can create more hygienic spaces simply by changing your flooring.
    And at Remland we make it easy for you to find the perfect option.

    Why Choose Remland?

    Why Shop at Remland Carpets?
    When you explore Remland Carpets’ website you find a wide range of loop pile products to pick from. You can even order all your other flooring products from us:

    Have a look at the manufacturers’ guarantees on most of our products. This is proof of the quality we provide and when you shop online you get it at the best possible prices.
    Remember our fast delivery on all orders to most parts of the UK.
    What else can we help you with? Our team is ready to assist. Order free samples to help you pick or simply place your order today. You won’t regret it. 

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