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    Multicoloured Carpets

    Multicoloured carpets are one of the best ways to add some vibrancy to your home. Best used in spaces where you won’t overpower your other decor, our selection of colourful carpets is an amazing way to bring a splash of colour to rooms where it might be lacking. With a diverse range of styles, colour palettes and designs on offer, our multicolored carpets are suitable for any room in your home, whether you want something striking and bold or slightly more toned down, but still colourful. One of the biggest reasons we love multi coloured carpets is their ability to bring shedloads of character to a room, whether you’re aiming to create a playful atmosphere with a kids carpet or bring sophistication with a dining room carpet. With an extensive selection of cheap carpets sourced from different manufacturers around the UK, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find the perfect multi colored carpet for your home.

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    Variation is the name of the game when you’re looking for your new multi colour carpet. From uniform designs and patterns featuring an eclectic mix of colourful tones and shades to specially designed works of art, there really is something for every situation - ideal for both contemporary and traditional properties. All of our multi coloured patterned carpets are designed and manufactured with a close attention to detail, making imperfections a thing of the past. We only work with the most trusted and well known brands around the UK, ensuring we can deliver a perfect product, every time. Whether you choose a berber loop carpet, twist pile carpet or any of the other styles we have on offer, you can be confident that you’ll love your new colourful carpet in your home! 

    Benefits Of Multi Coloured Carpets

    Choosing a multicoloured carpet for the impressive visual appeal is only the beginning of the benefits you’ll experience after it’s installed in your home. Carpets are renowned for being one of the most luxurious options for your flooring. With aesthetic qualities on par with vinyl flooring, multi coloured carpets also have the added benefit of comfort, warmth and other impressive practical qualities including slip resistance. 

    Variety of Styles & Patterns For Any Room

    Being stuck with one style or pattern isn’t something you have to worry about when you browse through our range of multicolored carpets. Whilst our most popular style is our range of striped carpets, Alternative Flooring produces a more artistic range of colourful carpets with less uniformity and even more quirkiness if you want something even more eye catching!

    What’s even better is that all of our carpets are suitable for almost any room in your home. Our stain resistant carpets also have slip resistant and water resistant properties which means they can be used in spaces that people commonly think should be avoided. Dining room carpets and bathroom carpets are now solidly on the table, (or the floor!), with our range also suitable to be used as hallway carpets with hard wearing durability.  

    Multicoloured Carpets Keep Your House Warm

    The thing everyone expects from their brand new carpet is a lot of comfort and warmth underfoot. Our range of colourful carpets don’t disappoint! The style of carpet you choose can affect how warm it is - if you want a truly luxurious experience, one of our deep pile carpets is the best option featuring a thick construction and very soft feeling underfoot. Keep in mind that the deeper the pile of the carpet the tougher it can be to clean and dry, so for kitchens or bathrooms, perhaps go for a cut pile carpet or other styles that have a shorter pile length.

    Regardless of the style you go for, a brand new multicolored carpet will bring you warmth both underfoot and throughout the space in general. Browse through our extensive range and find the best option for you today - don’t forget to take advantage of our free UK delivery on qualifying orders!

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