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    Carpet Remnants

    With over 30 years of experience, we’re confident in calling ourselves carpet remnant experts.

    Carpet remnants, (sometimes called roll ends or carpet offcuts), can solve many décor and carpeting issues. We appreciate that it's not always necessary to buy made-to-measure carpet, which is why we have a huge selection of carpet off cuts, all at discounted prices! Carpet remnants give you the opportunity to get the same amazing quality of luxurious carpets at a fraction of the price.

    Our carpet remnants online can save you up to 75% off a full-price carpet. Use our calculator to work out your room size and check out the fantastic colours and styles of our available carpet offcuts below. Our cheap carpet offcuts are perfect for anyone on a budget!

    Searching for the perfect carpet?

    Tell us your requirements and we'll send you a selection we think you'll love. They're all in stock and come with free delivery!

    Carpet Offcuts

    Take a look at all the information we have below to help you decide which carpet remnant is right for you.

    At a glance:

    • Carpet remnants save you money
    • You get quality at a budget price
    • They add lustre to your home
    • Remnant carpet is a practical and affordable solution

    Why your Home and Office need Carpet Remnants

    Carpet off-cuts are a great consideration for any room. Even though they're not as popular as our range of regular carpets, offcuts are a great way to carpet your home at a much lower cost without compromising on the practical elements.

    Your home or office can look and function better if you take advantage of our cheap carpet offcuts.
    General Flooring
    If you’re considering replacing floors in your home, your first stop should be the Remland Carpets remnants section with our wide range of designs and sizes.
    Available sizes in our store vary; for smaller rooms you may find designer carpet remnants that cover the entire floor, although you can alternativel purchase small pieces to partially carpet a space or for other purposes.

    As well as carpeting an entire room with our room size carpet remnants, by purchasing smaller carpet remnants you can also protect various areas in your home.
    With up to a 50% discount, you can protect floors in your home without breaking the bank. Loose carpets that cover other flooring can prevent damage or wear and tear. This option can even protect you and your family from injury with their slip resistant properties.
    Have you considered these scenarios?

    • How can you prevent vinyl flooring from getting damaged? Vinyl flooring is durable, but heavy objects such as fridges can leave indents. Solve the problem by putting small pieces of carpet remnants under the fridge or other furnityre
    • How can you keep wood flooring or artificial grass clean? Certain areas of your home can suffer from accidental spillages and general mess. Place pieces of carpet remnants on top of floors, which can then easily be removed without staining or damaging you floor. This is a nifty trick for homes with small children or animals.
    • How can you keep people from slipping on floors? Solve the problem by using carpet remnants, which are less slippery than most types of flooring.
    • How do you keep flooring in high traffic areas from deteriorating? Flooring in homes’ entrances and even kitchens often show signs of high traffic volumes. This may require you to replace the floor. You can prevent this by using carpet remnants that can be swapped out and easily cleaned if necessary.
    • How do you prevent stains? There are certain areas in your home where stains are inevitable. When coming in from the garden, a muddy footprint may become an unsightly stain. Prevent this by placing removable carpet pieces at these doorways.

    All these solutions are easily obtainable thanks to the up to 50% discount on carpet remnants. 
    You know that area in your house where footsteps seem to sound twice as loud? This could be due to wood flooring or the echo of tiles. If your office or bedroom where silence is key, carpet off cuts are ideal for soundproofing any room in your home.
    With our affordable carpet remnants, you can make sure that the sound of footsteps and other sounds are muffled.
    Uses Outside the Home
    Carpet roll ends can come in handy in many spaces around the home. Although costs may have prevented you from attempting these solutions in the past, with our 50% discount on remnants, you can solve all these challenges:

    • Pets: A dog house is more insulated with carpet flooring. Placing a piece of carpet underneath a pet’s bed protects the area from damage and stains. If you’re tired of your cat scratching your furniture, make a scratch post or area with an affordable piece of carpet.
    • Cars: Carpet pieces can protect the boot or floor space in your car from scratches. A carpet off cut is handy for DIY projects. You can place it on the floor when you have to lie down to work on your vehicle.

    Are you looking for ways to spruce up your home? Carpet remnants in a contrasting colour can add a new lease of life to a room. Instead of redecorating the entire area, simply add some colour by placing down designer carpet off-cuts.


    Some Ideas from the Remland Carpets Team
    Remland’s carpet offcut range includes something for everyone. Imagine how these carpet roll ends could look in your home:

    Kids Carpets
    You’ll find many carpet roll end designs which are attractive to kids. These are of a domestic quality rating with up to seven year warrantees.
    These are ideal in the following contexts:

    • Decorating kids’ rooms at low cost.
    • Adding character to childcare facilities.
    • As a loose carpet you can allocate play area to your kids in any other room in the house.

    Even though these carpets may become stained or damaged after long use, the 50% discount affords you a viable, affordable option for the short or medium term.

    What are Remnants?

    Where do Remnants Come From?

    We offer you carpet offcuts of the same quality flooring we always stock.
    The carpet remnants UK clients receive from us come from two scenarios:

    • Left over pieces on a roll of carpet that are too small to cover large spaces
    • Carpet pieces cut off during laying down carpets

    We offer these pieces to our clients at a discount price to enable anyone to have luxurious carpeting. Our cheap carpet cut offs are perfect for anyone on a budget who still want high quality flooring.
    What Sizes are Available?
    You’ll see the average size of carpet remnants is approximately 4m, although we have almost any size, including 5m and 6m carpet remnants.
    Large pieces can be used to cover small rooms entirely, or cut up for some of the uses mentioned above. Our room size carpet remnants are particularly handy if you can find the perfect size.
    Enjoy browsing our ever changing list of remnant carpets. You’re sure to find a style and size that fit your needs.
    How to Use Remnant Carpets
    So you’ve found the perfect designer carpet remnants. Now what?
    If you want to use smaller pieces as loose carpets throughout your home, these steps are necessary:

    • Make sure it’s the size and shape you need.
    • Make sure the edges are cut straight.
    • Bind the edges.You can bind the edges yourself with DIY kits. However, these kits usually only use binding that sticks. It’s better to have them sewn, especially when you’re using large pieces of carpet.

    Choosing your Carpet

    How to Pick
    Picking a carpet remnant can be just as difficult as deciding on normal flooring. Think about these aspects to make your decision easier.

    What type of carpet roll ends make sense?
    If you’re purchasing carpet offcuts for an office, you need to keep luxury and high volumes of traffic in mind.
    When you’re shopping for your home, make sure the texture and durability of the carpet is beneficial: homes with pets need carpets where hair can easily be lifted off the floor.
    If you’re upgrading the look of your home, there will be designer carpet remnants to help you do that.  
    Think about the room you’ll use the carpet in. You need to take some features into consideration:

    • Does the room get a lot of sun? Pick a design and quality that won’t easily show the fading of colour.
    • What is your existing décor? Make sure the carpet remnant compliments the furniture and style of the room.
    • What size do you need? Take proper measurements before you start shopping. Our experts can help you if necessary. Our site visits include measurements and advice to ensure customers receive the best possible end result.

    With the wide range available in our store, you don’t have to compromise on any of these aspects.


    The Remland Way
    Your comfort is one of our first priorities. That’s why we set up an easy way customers can shop. If you're wondering whether there are any 'carpet remnants near me', you can be sure we're not too far away. With a store in Folkestone and UK delivery, we can get cheap carpet cut offs to your door.
    We pride ourselves in fast and accurate delivery. You don’t have to leave your home in order to find and lay high quality carpet remnants - we'll bring it to your doorstep.
    Free delivery* is also available on qualifying items.
    Remland Carpets offers many accessories, whatever flooring you pick.
    Depending on the purpose of carpet remnants UK clients pick, they may require some of the following items:

    Make sure your home and your pocket benefits from Remland’s carpet remnants offer. This special 50% off feature is available right through the year. You can get practical solutions and aesthetically enhance your floor spaces. Our team is looking forward to helping you!

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