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Kitchen Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for kitchen flooring in the UK and abroad.  At Remland Carpets, we stay ahead of the game by boasting the UK’s largest online selection of kitchen vinyl flooring. 


All the major kitchen vinyl brands are stocked, including LifestyleRhinoflor, and Tarkett and each is available for immediate order in all the latest styles, ranges, and patterns. 

Why Choose Kitchen Vinyl?

All of our kitchen vinyl ranges are designed to be hard-wearing and durable, perfect for high-traffic areas. 


Along with our collection of contemporary designs, we offer a large selection of vinyls that resemble other flooring materials such as ceramic, stone, and hardwood. This allows you to get the look of these expensive materials in your kitchen, except with the convenience of a vinyl floor: ease of cleaning, lower maintenance costs, and improved durability.


Kitchen Vinyl Ranges

Remland Carpets offers a wide selection of kitchen vinyl floors for you to choose from. The ranges listed below are just a few of the many selections available for kitchen vinyl listed at clearance-level pricing:


  • Clearance Grey Mosaic is an understated stone effect tile that fits with any decor.  It is ideal for a modern kitchen, but it fits in equally well in bathrooms or industrial settings.


  • The Kentish Stone Vinyl is a distinctive flooring that resembles slate. Its increased popularity is based on its versatility and its contemporary accents.  There is a dark and darker gray aesthetic in three shades that plays well in light and dark surroudings.


  • Speckled Grey is a heavy duty vinyl that incorporates small black dots atop a grayish colour scheme.  The darker accents provided great balance for this flooring in all types of lighting, making this verstatile range adaptable to many different rooms.


  • Amalfi Mid Grey is another example of Rhinoflor’s unparalleled quality.  It strikes the perfect balance between hard-wearing quality and aesthetic beauty.  The tile effect vinyl has an irregular surface with lots of grooves, so it forms the perfect complement to other materials like wood and marble.


  • Beaumont Multi is an artistic marble that forgoes the traditional grayscale colours in favor of earthtones.  The result is a natural appearance resembling clay pottery, a distinct beauty that melds well with real wood or wood-style accents.


  • Classic Chess is a black and white motif arranged to resemble a large chessboard.  It is a combination of the two most basic colours to create a feeling of refined elegance that will immediately capture the eye. 


  • Farmhouse Antique is a wood effect flooring that looks like it was just finished from a tree outside.  It has an authentic appeal that goes great with wooden furniture and cabinets, and which takes on a beautiful golden glow in front of a fireplace or near the oven.


  • The Farmhouse Old Oak is similar to the Antique, with an even more rustic appeal.  With Old Oak, you can get that lived-in appeal and authentic quality without the use of actual old wood, and with the hardiness and slip resistance inherent in all Rhinoflor’s quality vinyl flooring.


  • Greenwich Medium is a lighter toned of wood effect vinyl flooring than the two previous.  It can be considered a classic rendition of brushed and oiled woodgrain materials.


  • Hazelnut is a multi-toned wood effect style that is versatile enough to find its place in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and dens, and you can expect the long-lasting quality found in all Rhinoflor ranges.


  • Heritage Bianchi is a sleek, modern wood effect vinyl that fits perfectly into contemporary kitchens and bathrooms.  The easy cleaning and slip resistance also make it a great addition to an art studio or workshop.


  • Marbella Fawn from Rhinoflor is a special vinyl floor that resembles an earthy marble, with specks of different shades of brown throughout.  It is a regal selection that can finish off that kitchen or dining area with floor that appears like it was lifted from a high-end restaurant.


  • Richmond Light Oak is another classical wooden style vinyl that bears the authentic rings of actual trees.  A couple layers of protection and padding make it warmer underfoot and more resistant to slips and damage than the genuine article, though.


Why choose Remland Carpets?

Our vinyl flooring comes with thermal backing, which ensures that your kitchen will warm during the cold winter months and cool in the hot summer months. 


The cost-effectiveness of the floors themselves, which have some of the lowest per-unit prices available in the market, is increased by their positive impact on your heating and air conditioning bills. 


The backing also provides sound dampening qualities, which prevent the echo effect inherent in other solid floors.  You get warm/cool feet and quiet rooms for bargain prices when you shop at Remland Carpets.
Remland Carpets also stocks a full range of accessories to complete your kitchen remodel,  That includes door barsdouble sided tape and adhesives to make fitting your kitchen flooring quick and easy.  This also includes tools like applicator guns and trowels


All of our accessories are offered at the same low prices as our flooring, making Remland the only stop you’ll need to finish flooring your entire home. 


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