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    Entrance Matting

    If you want to make an impact the moment your guests arrive, let your entrance mat do it.


    This is possible if you pick the correct barrier matting and at Remland Carpets we stock a wide variety. You can match your personality to the ideal entrance matting!


    The aesthetics of your home can create an inviting atmosphere that makes guests feel welcome. A welcome mat like these ones will be the first step in the process. As well as our Entrance Matting, we also have smaller door matting available in our Coir Matting section.



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    Our Entrance Mats

    You can see an entrance carpet doesn’t have to be boring. With the range available at Remland you’ll find a design and colour that makes a statement in your entrance hall.


    Of course entry rugs also serve a purpose of preventing shoes from carrying in dirt. It’s not only about keeping your home clean. The dirt can cause floors to be scratched and damaged. Can you afford not to have a welcome mat?


    At Remland Carpets even picking front door mats becomes exciting. With our wide range you can find exactly what you’re looking for!


    Floor Mat Brands

    Are you looking for domestic entrance matting or commercial entrance mats? These brands cater for all your needs.


    Burmatex Carpets

    Burmatex is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of commercial entrance mats and carpet tiles. Its specialities include fibre bonded and tufted carpets in sheets & tiles.


    Burmatex’s vision is to supply architects, specifiers and contractors with innovative carpet designs that meet all your needs as a consumer.


    Forbo Flooring Systems

    Forbo is another leader in the manufacturing of commercial floor mats. The company offers an array of flooring options that are always on par with modern trends.


    The company centres its values on its customers. It ensures products are always of a quality that meets or exceeds customers’ expectations.


    Remland is proud to offer customers these brands. You can be sure your new indoor door mats will serve you well for long.


    Types of Door Mats

    Quality is essential, but you also want your doormat to look phenomenal. Mats on our products list cover every feature from being practical to looking luxurious.


    That’s why Remland stocks many types of front door mats. You can find the one that suits your personality, décor and style. We have heavy duty matting to cater for all of your needs, whether it be commercial or domestic.


    Natural Coir Matting

    These large doormats are traditionally made from coconut husk fibres. These course fibres remove any dirt from your shoes before you enter your home.


    These mats are 17mm thick with heavy duty PVC backings. You can pick from:

    • 1m wide mats
    • 2m wide mats


    Natural coir matting is unique because it’s finished by hand. This causes a natural variation in shade and colour that will complement your entrance area.


    Coral Matting

    You’ll find four style options:

    • Coral Classic
    • Coral Brush
    • Coral Duo
    • Coral Welcome


    The coral matting range is generally made with ordinary yarn and a solution dye for colour options. The coral range absorbs moisture and removes any dirt from shoes. This styling option is more practical for commercial entrance mats.


    At Remland we offer you solutions for home and office!


    Super Magnum Matting 

    This is your ideal option if you’re looking for something simple. It’s made with polyester fabric. The heavy-duty ribbed mat doesn’t wear thin even after constant use. It's known to be an effective dirt barrier.


    At Remland you can get a 2m-roll. This width is perfect for covering large areas.  


    Grime Buster

    This type of mat is made from super absorbent polypropylene yarns and fully washable. The rubber backed mat prevents people from slipping so it makes your entrance hall a safer area.


    Chevrolay Matting

    This mat is made from 100% Polypropylene. The mat is fibre bonded and perfect for high traffic areas. It will capture dirt and keep your rooms clean.



    This matting type combines absorbent yarns and scraper yarns. This combination makes it effective for capturing dirt and moisture before it ruins your other floors.


    Maintenance & Ordering

    Maintaining Your Carpets

    Many Remland products come with stain resistant features.


    But you want your entry mat to look good at all times. After all it’s the first impression your visitors have of you.


    Through effective maintenance you’ll be able to use your barrier entrance matting for long stretches of time. All you have to do is:


    • Clean the entrance mats often especially if they’re in high traffic areas.
    • Vacuum to remove the dirt


    Keeping them clean will prevent fibres from deteriorating fast.


    The mat also needs to be washed. You must remove bacteria if you want your home to be as healthy as it is clean.


    Cleaning Tips


    • Wash the carpet door mat regularly so you don’t have to deal with excessive dirt.


    • Stains are inevitable. Treat it with vinegar before it sets in.


    • Blot the stain. If your rub or scrub the stain you spread it.


    • Pre-treat stains by applying some detergent and leaving it for a few minutes before cleaning the entire carpet.


    • Vacuum before and after washing the carpets. Some particles will come loose during washing.


    • Don’t wet the carpet too much. The vacuum cleaner won’t remove all the water and soap. You don’t want your entry mat to develop a musty odour.


    • Dry the carpet thoroughly. This prevents any mould or mildew. To dry your carpets you can:
    • Open all windows
    • Use fans
    • Use a dehumidifier


    Remland Helps You Reach Your Flooring Goals

    At Remland we think of every flooring need you may have.


    These doormats may be the final item you add to your renovations. You can also trust us for:



    And we offer this and heavy duty entrance matting at exceptional prices.


    Our services make it possible for you to get the flooring solutions you’ve always dreamt of. Visit our storeroom in Kent to look at entrance matting—or other—flooring samples. Pick your favourite and order online - qualifying orders are even delivered free. Remland is here to help. What can we help you with today?   

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