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    Cushioned Flooring

    Vinyl flooring is known for being both practical and hygienic but did you know that it’s also recommended for customers who are after cushioned flooring? Practicality is of course key when you are choosing the right flooring for your home but that doesn’t mean comfort should be overlooked. Cushioned vinyl flooring offers the best of both, not only will it fit the purpose of each of your rooms but due to the unique foam layer, this type of flooring feels soft underfoot, giving you a luxurious yet hard wearing finished floor, perfect for modern ways of life.


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    Benefits of cushioned flooring

    When compared to other types of flooring, the benefits of cushioned flooring will often outweigh many of its competitors. Why? That’s simple, cushion flooring, as the name suggests, provides a cushioned layer within the vinyl which adds comfort to your home. Not only do you get durable, hygienic and stylish flooring that is easy to clean, but you get the added benefit of it being comfortable beneath your feet. Speaking of stylish, have you seen the extensive range of colours and designs available in our cushioned vinyl flooring? Be it a kitchen, bathroom or entrance, you will find practical vinyl in a style that suits your home. 


    Cushioned lino flooring offers versatility

    Due to its hard wearing properties, cushioned lino flooring is hugely versatile and renowned for being ideal in busy areas of the home, areas that are subject to a lot of use such as kitchens and bathrooms. Naturally these rooms are subject to a lot of traffic, quite often they endure spills so there is no better flooring choice than bathroom cushioned flooring or kitchen cushioned flooring! Being water-resistant, cushioned flooring is also popular for entrance halls and utility rooms so you can drop your muddy wellies without the worry of damaging your floor. 


    Comfort from your cushioned flooring

    Cushion flooring is the ideal solution for adding comfort to your home. Other flooring types can often be cold and hard under your feet. Vinyl with an added cushioned layer provides additional thickness that not only gives you a softer feel but it also provides warmth. Warmth is also retained within the vinyl, making this an excellent choice to help save on your heating bill. The cushioned layer will also bring with it a more peaceful home, whether it’s noisy children with their toys or teenagers with their shoes on, cushioned floor tiles absorb sound making this an ideal choice throughout the house.


    Cushioned floor styles

    One of the reasons cushioned vinyl flooring rolls are so popular is because of the large range available. We offer styles to suit every home including a huge array of colours from subtle whites and beige to classic blacks and greys and if you fancy adding a splash of colour to your room, we have a great selection of bold colours including blues, pinks, purples and yellows. Cushioned floor also comes in an extraordinary assortment of patterns, we have beautiful wood effects, from Farmhouse Antique to a Baroque Herringbone, we even have a fun collection for kids.

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