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    Cushioned Flooring

    Did you know that vinyl flooring isn't just celebrated for its practicality and hygiene? It comes highly recommended for those in search of cushioned flooring as well. While practicality undoubtedly plays a critical role in selecting the ideal flooring for your residence, comfort shouldn't be sidelined. Cushioned vinyl flooring excels at providing both. Not only does it meet the functional requirements of your various spaces, but its distinct foam layer also ensures a soft sensation underfoot. This combination results in a flooring solution that is luxurious, durably constructed, and perfectly suited to the demands of contemporary living.


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    Benefits of cushioned flooring

    Compared to many other flooring options, cushioned flooring stands out for a number of compelling reasons. What makes it so special? Well, as its name implies, it incorporates a cushioned layer within the vinyl material, offering an additional level of comfort to any room in your home. This flooring option is not just about comfort; it's incredibly durable, easy to maintain, hygienic, and adds a dash of style to your living space. And when it comes to style, our range of cushioned vinyl flooring is second to none. With an extensive palette of colours and designs to choose from, whether it's for your kitchen, bathroom, or entrance hall, you'll discover the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics to complement your home's decor. 


    Cushioned lino flooring offers versatility

    Thanks to its durable nature, cushioned lino flooring is incredibly versatile and comes highly recommended for parts of the home that see a lot of action, such as kitchens and bathrooms. These areas often see a high volume of foot traffic and are prone to spills - making bathroom cushioned flooring or kitchen cushioned flooring the perfect choice! Its water-resistant qualities also make cushioned flooring a favourite for entrance halls and utility rooms, meaning you can kick off those muddy boots without a second thought about ruining your floors. 


    Comfort from your cushioned flooring

    Imagine stepping into a world where every step on your floor welcomes you with unrivaled comfort. That's the beauty of cushion flooring. Unlike traditional flooring options that can leave your feet feeling cold and sore, vinyl floors enhanced with a plush cushioned layer offer an irresistible softness underfoot. This added thickness doesn't just caress your feet; it also envelops the room in warmth. As a delightful bonus, this warmth stays within the vinyl, making it a savvy choice for reducing heating costs. Moreover, the cushioned layer acts as a sound absorber, creating a serene atmosphere in your home. Whether it’s the pitter-patter of little feet or the hustle and bustle of teenage life, cushioned floor tiles provide a quiet and comforting foundation for every room in your home.


    Cushioned floor styles

    One major reason why cushioned vinyl flooring rolls have captured the hearts of many is the extensive variety they offer. Our collection caters to every taste and decor style, featuring a wide spectrum of colours. From understated whites and beiges to timeless blacks and greys for those who appreciate a classic look. And for those looking to inject a vibrant pop of colour into their space, we've got you covered with an array of striking options including blues, pinks, purples, and yellows. But it doesn't stop at colour. Our cushioned floors boast an impressive range of patterns as well - indulge in the rustic charm of our wood effects, from the warm tones of Oxford Herringbone to the intricate patterns of Baroque Herringbone. Plus, we haven't forgotten about the little ones; our fun kids’ collection is sure to bring joy to your children's rooms.

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