Herringbone Vinyl Flooring

Herringbone vinyl flooring is a timeless, elegant design element, which has been popular for decades. Herringbone vinyl flooring offers an affordable, durable, and practical solution for those hoping to add a touch of class to their home interior.  A golden oldie that has stood the test of time, herringbone remains a favourite for homeowners, particularly those keen to mix modern and retro trends and those eager to retain a rustic vibe in a traditional home. If you’re looking for the dream herringbone floor, we’ve got some sensational vinyl styles on offer.

Our Herringbone Vinyl Products


At Remland Carpets, we are delighted to sell a stunning array of Herringbone vinyl styles, including Nordic Herringbone and traditional, wooden-look Herringbone.


Our Nordic Herringbone vinyl sheet flooring is a bold choice, which features strong shades of beige and brown and a classic herringbone pattern. A superior quality British-made vinyl, this particular herringbone lino boasts a thickness of 3” and it comes with a 10-year guarantee. Characterised by distinctive parquet flooring strips that measure 105mm in width and 560mm in length, this is a striking design that will lift any room in the house. Offering slip-resistance and hassle-free maintenance, this is the perfect blend of style and substance. We also have a range of chevron flooring for people who love the design. Our chevron vinyl flooring range offers textile backing as well as acoustic backing for that luxury feel.


If the herringbone pattern is top of your list, we also offer authentic, wood-look vinyl by leading brand Leoline. The Luxury Classics range boasts both stone and wood designs and features a parquet-style option, which is available in three shades. A chunky, high-quality vinyl with a thickness of 3.70mm, this design is available in 2, 3 and 4-metre widths. We also have grey herringbone floor options to suit any modern home.


Why Choose Herringbone Vinyl?


Herringbone flooring offers a dazzling array of benefits for home and business owners. Vinyl flooring is sturdy and durable, it’s easy to clean and maintain, it can withstand heavy footfall, and it’s incredibly versatile. From tiled and hardwood designs to stone and classic patterns like herringbone, there’s something for everyone. Herringbone pattern vinyl flooring offers homeowners the chance to embrace a classic, timeless aesthetic at the same time as enjoying the benefits of a modern, practical material that is slip-resistant and hard-wearing. Herringbone flooring in vinyl is ideal for busy lifestyles, hectic schedules and all the thrills and spills of family life, and it’s also an incredibly stylish, low maintenance option for businesses and homeowners who don’t have time to vacuum or brush on a daily basis. Suitable for almost any room in the house, herringbone vinyl could be the perfect addition to your home!


Quality Herringbone Vinyl


If you’re looking for the best quality herringbone flooring in the UK, why not get in touch with us today? We’d be delighted to give you more information about our products and provide tailored recommendations based on the style of your home and your budget.  Whether you’re looking for a chic kitchen floor, a practical option for the bathroom or flooring to breathe new life into the living room, we’re confident we’ll find the perfect herringbone flooring product for you!