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    Twist pile carpets are amongst the most versatile of any style of carpets available. Twist carpets are highly sought after due to their impressive combination of both durability and comfort, ideal for any room, in any home. Traditionally created with very tightly twisted yarn, (heat treated to maintain the twist), this style of twisted carpet creates a textured look and feel, slightly different to that of a berber loop carpet. Now available in different styles including wool twist carpets, berber twist carpets, 80/20 wool twist carpet solutions and many more options, you have even more choice when it comes to buying a new twist carpet. Unlike cut pile carpets such as the luxuriously soft range of deep pile carpets, buying a twisted carpet guarantees you a much harder-wearing and long lasting solution; great if you’re hoping to not replace your carpet for a number of years! Choose from plain, heathered or flecked finishes to help you choose the ultimate twist pile carpet style, depending on the room and current decor you’re working with.

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    Choosing from a range of twisted carpets can be difficult, but you can be confident that whatever you end up picking, you’ll have a high quality twist carpet delivered to your door from one of the best manufacturers in the world. We only stock the best twist pile carpets, boasting long lasting durability and often years-long manufacturer guarantees. Browse our 200+ styles of twist pile carpet to see what’ll fit in your home, and take advantage of our fast free UK delivery on all qualifying orders.


    Benefits of Twist Pile Carpets


    If you’re still not convinced a twist pile carpet is for you, read on to discover a number of benefits you could enjoy by choosing a twist carpet for your home. Whether you give more weight to the aesthetic qualities of your flooring or the practicality it serves, twisted carpets win on all counts. 


    Twist Carpets Are Durable & Long Lasting


    Although one of the most talked about benefits of twist carpets, it’s also one of the most attractive to homeowners looking to buy a new carpet. The construction of twisted carpets make them very durable and suitable for high traffic areas in your home. Twist pile carpets are used up and down the country, and are commonly found as hallway carpets, dining room carpets and bedroom carpets


    Twisted Carpets Are Comfortable To Walk On


    Durability doesn’t always mean you have to compromise on the feel and comfort of your carpet - with twist carpets, you can enjoy the best of both worlds! Providing warmth to your feet as you walk around, twist pile carpets are still quite soft to the touch despite their hard-wearing properties. This makes them ideal for families where spills and other accidents are common!


    Twist Pile Carpets Are Easy To Maintain


    Whether you only have to worry about maintenance or are well acquainted with disasters like muddy pet paws or spilled drinks, twist pile carpets are fairly easy to maintain and clean. If you want to preserve the longevity of your twist carpets, you should vacuum regularly to pick up dust and loose dirt which naturally accumulates over time. Should you spill anything, a deeper steam clean or dry cleaning solution might be needed, but always make sure you check on your exact type of carpet to see what it’s suitable to be cleaned with.

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