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    Kids Vinyl Flooring

    How do you find a practical and aesthetically pleasing flooring solution for kids?
    The Remland Carpets team knows how challenging it is and that’s why we sourced the best options the market has to offer. And kids vinyl flooring will be the best decision you make today. The benefits of vinyl are matched with stunning designs both you and your kids will love. Take a look.

    Why choose Kids Vinyl?

    Why is Vinyl Your Answer for Kids Flooring?
    Think about it. Anywhere kids spend time together there are bound to be accidents, messes and lots of fun.
    And vinyl is perfect for all these situations.
    Safety Features
    You can relax when your kids play on vinyl flooring because of the safety features:

    • Some vinyl flooring products have non-slip ratings making them safer to run and play on.
    • Vinyl flooring has a cushioned top layer so kids won’t get hurt easily even when they fall.
    • Some vinyl products have thermal insulation. The floor will keep out excessive cold and provide a warmer surface to play on. This makes a room or play area more inviting and healthy.

    Practical Solutions
    The acoustic insulating properties of some vinyl products will muffle footsteps. You can let your kids play to their hearts’ content without them disturbing the rest of the building.
    Vinyl is available in many widths—2m, 3m and 4m—so you can find one that makes the most financial sense during installation. You can easily install it yourself so you save on labour costs too.
    Easy Maintenance
    Vinyl is easy to clean so accidents with food or liquids are easily handled.
    The quality vinyl products you find at Remland will present well for a long time. Some have guarantees of up to 10 years. Thanks to hard wearing top layers they won’t lose colour or shine. You can use them in heavy traffic areas without risking damage to your floors.
    What else do you need for kids flooring? The Remland team at our showroom in Kent will help you find the perfect kids vinyl flooring to match your requirements.
    Each flooring product is different. We source various options so you can find something you love.

    Kids Vinyl Designs

    Find the Perfect Design
    Flooring is usually a long-term commitment. We help you find flooring products that will serve you well for years to come.
    Bright for Kids
    Do you need something suited to toddlers to brighten up a kids play area? Look at Avenues of Style’s Bubblegum and Liquorice range.
    Timeless for Teenagers Too
    Perhaps you need something classic that will suit your children no matter their age?
    Have you decided what you want yet? Place your order online today and we’ll deliver it to your door. Make use of our online services so you’re eligible for our best rates and specials. We’re looking forward to helping you find your kids’ vinyl flooring solutions.

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