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    Stone Effect Vinyl Flooring

    Get a Superb Finish with Stone Effect Vinyl Flooring.


    The flooring that you have in your home can make a huge difference in many ways. This is something that will obviously impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home. Stone effect vinyl flooring allows you to achieve the elegant finish of stone flooring without the price tag of materials and labour. 


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    Why choose Stone Effect Vinyl?

    Fortunately, you don’t have to pay the earth in order to enjoy the great look that stone flooring can provide.


    One way around it is to simply cheat! How? Well, you can now get superb quality stone effect vinyl flooring that will enable you to get that timeless, elegant stone effect look at a fraction of the cost.


    There are also many other valuable benefits that come with stone effect flooring over real stone flooring, so this is another key reasons to choose this for your home.


    At Remland Carpets, we offer a wide choice of high-quality stone effect flooring that is perfect for any room in the home. Stone flooring can work in many different areas of the home. This includes the kitchen, bathroom, conservatory, and hallways. You can also use it for all other areas of your home such as the bedroom or living area. Stone vinyl flooring is versatile enough for use all around your home, making it a popular choice amongst those that want timeless elegance at an affordable price.


    Benefits of Stone Effect Vinyl

    What are the main benefits of stone effect vinyl flooring?


    So, why opt for vinyl flooring that looks like stone rather than just going for the real deal? Well, there are many reasons why people prefer stone effect flooring rather than real stone flooring. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits:


    • Very cost effective: As mentioned earlier, the cost of real stone flooring can be very high and this puts it out of the financial reach of many people. On the other hand, you can enjoy stone effect lino for a fraction of the price and achieve stunning results throughout the house without spending a fortune.


    • Ease of installation: With real stone floors, you have a challenging job ahead of you when it comes to installation. Even if you are using a professional to install the flooring, it will be a time consuming task, which means that you will end up paying more for the installation on top of the cost of the flooring itself. Stone effect vinyl, on the other hand, is very easy to install so you could effectively do this yourself in a short amount of time.


    • Easier to maintain: Looking after real stone floors can be time consuming, as you have to take a lot of car and use specialist products to avoid damage. However, with stone effect vinyl, maintenance is a breeze. You will find it very easy to clean so any problems caused by messy pets, children, or spillages can be tackled without any issues.


    • Great choice of designs and colours: At Remland Carpets, we offer a huge selection of stone effect vinyl colours and designs. This includes square stone effect, Roman mosaic effect, stone tile effect, and many others. You can select from a range of colours to suit your preferences and the existing decor of the room. Some of the colours we offer include black stone, slate, blue, beige, terracotta, taupe, oatmeal, indigo, and bronze.


    • Durability and comfort: Stone effect vinyl is extremely durable as long as you invest in quality. There is no need to worry about cracked and damaged stone that can prove costly to replace. The lino is extremely tough and is designed to last, so you can enjoy the stunning finish that it provides for many years to come. In addition, you can enjoy greater levels of comfort with vinyl compared to stone. It is both softer and warmer underfoot, which means that you don’t have to cope with the hard, cold sensation of walking on stone.


    • Elegant and stylish: The quality of vinyl flooring has come a long way over recent years. You can now enjoy stunning effects that visitors will struggle to identify as vinyl rather than stone. This stone effect vinyl can add elegance and style to any room making it the perfect choice for those that want the ultimate in class at an affordable price.


    Our huge variety of stone effect flooring means that finding the ideal one for your home will be a breeze.


    You can be assured of great quality and high standard when it comes to the manufacture and installation of this type of flooring. This means that you can enjoy great results without paying huge amounts of money.


    Why choose Remland Carpets?

    Great value and choice from Remland Carpets


    When you get your stone effect vinyl from Remland Carpets, you can look forward to the many benefits that come from dealing with a reputable and established supplier.


    You can rest assured that all stone vinyl floors that you buy from us will be of the highest quality. This means robust build and durability, underfoot comfort, stunning designs and styles, and high manufacturing standards.


    We also ensure that our flooring is competitively priced, so you can enjoy excellent value for money with affordable flooring that is also of the highest quality.


    If you need any advice regarding stone effect vinyl flooring, our team of experts is always on hand to help.


    We can provide you with assistance and information to help you make an informed decision with regards to your choice of stone effect vinyl flooring.


    If you prefer, you can pop along to our Kent showroom, where you will be able to see samples of the various stone flooring lino options that we offer. 

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