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    Carpet tiles, or whatever flooring you already have, are a large part of an interior’s décor, as it speaks to your sense of style as much as your furniture and choice of paint. If you're looking for something that's a little bit different to the regular range of carpets, check out our extensive range of carpet tiles that come in all colours, styles and finishes.

    It's no surprise that carpet tiles are one of the most widely used styles of flooring, boasting impressive comfort, aesthetic qualities and durability. Whether you're looking for a unique flooring style for your residential makeover or need some new commercial flooring for your business, our wide range of carpet tiles could be the perfect choice.

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    Why Carpet Tiles?

    Despite their low cost, these quality floor coverings are manufactured by trusted brands such as:

    These popular brands and others are all discounted when you order your carpet tiles online.  All of our selections are also ideal for commercial flooring, and also a great choice for you home, these top-quality brands offer a hard-wearing flooring solution as well as comfort and warmth to any room.

    You may also want to check out our popular clearance carpet tiles if you're looking for a new floor on a budget.  Some of our cheapest carpet tiles are more than 50% off our already discounted daily prices. All of our cheap carpet tiles are available to order online, and we have a selection available in our showroom based in Kent.

    Carpet Tile Styles

    Our robust collection of carpet squares are sorted by colour, style, and range. We also have a quick finder search tool that allows you to mix and match to find the perfect brand and design for your renovation project.

    We have a wide variety of colours to choose from, as well as a range of multicoloured carpet tiles that are available in different styles, all of which offer the same great qualities you'd expect in a carpet tile. From the vivid to the understated, you're bound to find a colour of carpet tile that works for your home or commercial property. We also have some unique and quirky designs, mainly in the form of our patterned carpet tiles and our striped carpet tiles.

    Carpet tiles are most commonly classified between a few main styles, each of which have unique properties which make them suitable for different uses. 

    For the most part the variations are a matter of taste, with the resilience and durability of each depending on the material used to craft. It's also important to realise that the styles aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, as some styles are a combination of cut and looped patterns. 

    • Cut pile carpet tiles - Raised loops of the carpet are cut to create a flat surface.  These create an even surface that is perfect for intermediate patterns.  Most consider cut pile carpets to have a softer feel underfoot than loop pile. While these are typically made of nylon, some use polyester or wool, most consider cut style more suited for residential use.
    • Loop pile carpet tiles - The strands remain uncut, creating a looped shape that has a curved surface.  This form offers superior stain resistance and resilience compared to the cut piles, so they are typically more suited for industrial or office use with lots of traffic but not a lot of direct handling (e.g. moving furniture, vacuuming). 
    • Budget carpet tiles - These are variants of both of the above, but cheaper.  This includes carpet tiles listed at special prices and clearance items that are marked as much as 50% off of the original retail tag.

    The diverse range of our carpet tiles can be seen clearly with the range of styles, designs and colour options, with a mix of different brands creating patterns and materials to create a certain aesthetic, or install a level of durability.  Some, like the Forbo Carpet Tiles range, are made for floors with a moderate amount of foot traffic and area to cover; their patterns tend to fit no matter which way they’re placed.

    Others, like CFS, are made from solution dyed nylon and are considered super durable commercial grade carpets.  Consider mixing the colours, styles, and ranges in our search tool so you can find the carpet that fits your needs. 

    Beginner’s Guide to Carpet Squares
    Carpet tiles feature a range of important attributes that separate one set from another, so you can have a better idea of which style fits your needs. When you're picking out your next carpet tiles to spruce up your home, make sure to check they have some of the following qualities, depending on where you're using them!

    • Stain resistance— Spills happen, and you want some carpet tiles that will at least stand up to discolouration long enough for you to take measures. It should be noted that not all carpet tiles that offer high stain resistance offer resistance to oils and/or dirt, and vice versa, so make sure you know what you're buying!  Stain resistance is also considered a measure of how easy the carpet is to clean once it has become soiled. 
    • Abrasion resistance—This is a measure of how resistant the carpet is to surface wear caused by flat surfaces rubbing against the fibers. Fabrics like wool and nylon are known for their high abrasion resistance because of their high fiber density.
    • Sunlight resistance—The natural light from the sun can cause carpets to fade over time, creating unsightly spots in your carpet where exposure is high. This is determined by the carpet’s structure, meaning little can be done to improve a carpet’s sun resistance after it is made. 
    • Static—This measures the amount of static that is typically generated by moving across the carpet's surface.  Nearly all carpets build static in areas with lower humidity unless they are treated to resist it during creation, but some, like wool, are naturally more susceptible.
    • Flammability—An important attribute for carpets found in restaurants, or any carpet subject to open flames.  Fibers like wool and nylon burn slow and are self-extinguishing, but acrylic fibers are unsurprisingly combustible unless they have undergone modification.


    Carpet Tile Maintenance
    Experts say that carpet tiles that are well maintained and looked after will last two times as long, so it's important you take care of your flooring once it's fitted in your home!  

    • The most accessible form and first line of carpet defense is your vacuum.  It’s wise to swap out the bag if it reaches eighty percent full and keep an eye on the filter if your vacuum has one equipped.  
    • We’ll leave enforcement of the “wipe your feet” rule to your own decision! However, it is a good idea to keep as much loose dirt off of your carpet tiles as possible.
    • Using hot water or steam cleaners a few times a year can also extend your carpet tiles' life. 
    • There are liquid solutions available everywhere for fighting tougher stains, but a bit of detergent in a spray bottle is an excellent makeshift solution in their absence.  Just be sure to go slowly so you don’t leave soapy residue behind. 
    • The rest is common sense: when stains happen, clean them immediately; blot with water, as scrubbing can ruin the surface of a carpet; keep a spot of club soda or vinegar handy in case of of red wine spills and the like. 
    • Professional cleaners usually come equipped with the same machines and cleaning solutions, only with higher quality versions of each, and more expertise than the average homeowner. Professional carpet cleaners can however be pricey - as much as £300-£400 per 100 square meters, so they are only recommended at least once every year and a half.

    Brand Info

    Brand Information
    Remland Carpets only sell cheap carpet tiles from the top brands and manufacturers in the UK. Take a look at the information below to help with your peace of mind that you're buying the best - the durability, resistance and comfort of these carpet tiles really is second to none.

    • Heuga is a European division of Interface, Inc. (below), that operates from the Dutch province of Gelderland.  Interestingly, the company began in 1958, before the founding its parent company.  A noteworthy fact: the first carpet tile was manufactured by the company’s founder, Petrus Johannes van Huegton.
    • JHS is an acronym for Joseph, Hamilton & Seaton.  They have been manufacturing carpets in the UK for over five decades, and have been part of the Headlam Group (Europe’s largest floor covering distributor) since 1999.  Their specialties lie in commercial buildings like hotels, retail facilities, lounges, and office spaces.
    • Flotex is a modern, resilient floor tile that combines the hardiness of a textile floor with the softness of a carpet.  It is a brand of Forbo Floor Coverings, which also produces many other carpet tiles.
    • Interface (Inc.) was founded in 1973 in LaGrange, Georgia of the U.S.A.  They have since become the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpets.  The company uses innovative techniques to produce high-quality textiles in virtually every category of carpet tiles.
    • Burmatex boasts a catalog of versatile carpet tiles including loop piles, cut piles, fibre bonded, textured, and their patented structure bonded varieties.  They are one of the distributors at the forefront of eco-friendly carpet manufacturing. 
    • CFS are a veteran of refurbished and new build floor coverings, crafting both commercial and residential carpet tiles for homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses.
    • Rawson Carpet Solutions are part of W E Rawson Ltd. For 150 years, this privately-owned company has grown organically through the manufacture and cutting-edge uses of non-woven industrial textiles. The growth remains strong because of W E Rawson’s ongoing commitment to innovation, designed to meet the world’s ever-changing and varied market needs.


    Ordering Carpet Tiles Online

    Browse through the carpet tiles we have available, chosen specifically for their great qualities as well as their thousands of satisfied customers around the world. You can mix the colours, styles, and ranges until you’ve found the perfect option for your project.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have more questions, we're always happy to help!

    Providing all Your Flooring Needs
    Apart from flooring, you’ll also find a range of accessories in our store. These will help you install and care for your carpet tiles if you're looking for a DIY solution.

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    We offer you a one stop option so you can quickly take care of your flooring needs, offering a range of flooring options whether you're looking for carpet tiles or an alternative solution.

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    When you’re ready to order your carpet tiles you can simply place your order online. We'll even deliver it to your door free of charge if you reach our purchase threshold!

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