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    Yellow Carpet Tiles

    It’s time you make a bold statement. Yellow carpet tiles is the way to do it. And don’t worry. Even if you prefer your interiors toned down and calming carpet tiles with a yellow undertone are part of your solution.
    Simply have a look at Remland Carpets exceptional yellow carpet tile range to start planning.


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    Why Choose Carpet Tiles?

    Yellow carpet tiles come in all kinds of designs. Here’s how they can make your next renovation project successful.
    Remland’s Quality Brands Offer Perfect Solutions
    You need flooring that makes sense, right? And you don’t simply want aesthetic value. If you pick yellow carpet tiles you’ll gain many benefits:

    • Striking designs


    • Quality carpets


    • Long lasting flooring


    • Effortless cleaning


    • Easy installation


    • Slow fading colours


    • Manufacturers’ guarantees


    • Practical commercial solutions

    So which yellow carpet tile is for you?

    Carpet Tile Brands

    Forbo Teviot
    Forbo is known for its excellent products and these yellow carpet tiles will definitely impress you. You can pick the stunning yellow which has a beautiful gold undertone.
    Here’s why you’ll love the end result:

    • The tiles are 7.5mm thick which is exceptional compared to many other carpet tiles. This makes for a luxurious feel and the carpet will last long.


    • This product’s caster rating is high so even a lot of traffic and furniture wheels won’t wear down your carpets quick.


    • The 10 year warranty means this is a long term investment for any business.

    Burmatex Academy
    Remland offers you Burmatex’s Academy range. You have quite a few yellow hues to pick from. This allows you to create unique flooring by arranging tiles according to your own design.
    Allocate different hues to certain office or home areas. You can split up rooms without even erecting walls. That’s how colours empower you to optimise space.
    The Academy range is perfect for use in commercial or educational environments because of its durability. The tiles are 7.8mm thick which adds luxury to any boardroom or training environment.
    Forbo Barcode
    If you want some detail you’ll love the Forbo Barcode range. These striped yellow carpet tiles are available in quite a few shades that incorporate yellow fibres. It’s the perfect way to add colour to a room without overdoing it.
    The tiles are 6.5mm thick which gives you a soft surface underfoot and you get a 10 year guarantee with this purchase.
    Start Ordering Your Carpet Tiles Today
    Remland makes it easy to find the ideal flooring solution. Here’s what you can do:

    • Visit our showroom to view yellow carpet tiles and other flooring such as laminates.


    • Browse our range of accessories to find installation and maintenance products.


    • Request samples of flooring to view at home.


    • Place your order online to be eligible for the best available prices.


    • Place an order exceeding the qualifiying spend level and have your order delivered for free to most places in the UK.

    Which of these options will let your renovation or flooring project gain momentum? The Remland team is ready to help you reach your goal. Start ordering today!

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