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    Furlong Flooring Carpets

    Our selection of Furlong Flooring Carpets are a fantastic range of affordable luxury carpets in contemporary styles with a range of practical features. These carpets are all made in the UK and are super stain resistant (they can actually be cleaned using bleach) and highly luxurious. Superb carpets to suit every budget and any room in your home, they are available here in 4m and 5m width's and come with an impressive stain warranty of between 5 and 20 years.

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    Furlong Flooring Carpets

    Do you realise it’s possible to get everything you want from a carpet? This is how it’s done.

    Furlong Flooring Carpets’ Colours

    It’s daunting to pick décor. We know. That’s why we - and many of our customers - love the colour selection the Furlong Flooring Carpets range provides. You can easily match the plain or mottled designs to most décor items in your home.

    But if you love browsing different designs, you’ll have more than enough options. Each type comes in many hues so you can find the perfect shade you’re looking for.

    Furlong Flooring Carpets’ Installation

    If you’re on a tight budget - or you’re ready to try something new - a DIY carpet installation is ideal. No labour costs apply and you can do it on your own timeline. And when you partner with Remland, this becomes easy. All accessories and tools needed are available online.

    You’ll love the Furlong Flooring Carpets range for its diversity in this regard. With different widths available, you can pick one that will install the easiest.

    Furlong Flooring Carpets Care

    Furlong Flooring Carpets’ Care

    So you’ve got your new carpet. Will a Furlong Flooring carpet really differ from others? Yes.

    • These carpets have stain resistant properties. As long as you clean spills quickly, stains won’t set in.
    • The carpet can be bleached. If you do have a stain, you can treat it without damaging the carpet.
    • General maintenance is easy because it only requires regular vacuuming.
    • The carpets all have guarantees, so you can be sure to have beautiful flooring for years to come.

    Now you can stop worrying about your floor and focus on more important things.

    Furlong Flooring Carpets’ Quality

    Is your main concern the maintenance of your carpets, or do you have other expectations too? Perhaps this is what you’re looking for:

    • High tog ratings so your carpets help keep your rooms warm and insulated
    • Durable, 2-ply yarns and heavy domestic ratings will resist wear and tear even in high traffic areas
    • With extra thick pile features, you’ll have the luxury you expect from high end carpets

    You can see the Furlong Flooring Carpets range meets your expectations in many different ways. With no compromises and many benefits, this is a worthwhile investment. And with Remland’s low prices, it’s possible for anyone to own quality flooring. Place your order and we’ll deliver.

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