Carpet and Flooring Accessories

Choosing your flooring might be the hard part, but to get the perfect finish on your carpet or flooring, you require the right accessories.

Remland Carpets understand that flooring accessories are as important as the flooring itself. We have everything you need to ensure your flooring is fitted exactly as it should be, all at affordable, discounted prices across our entire accessories range.

No need to over-spend on your carpet accessories

There's nothing worse than having a budget for your flooring and then being hit with expensive costs for the final finishes. That's why Remland Carpets have special online offers across all products including: high-quality, thermal and efficient underlay, solid oak thresholds, flooring adhesives, alluminium door bars and coir matting.

Wooden Floor Accessories

You’ll be amazed at the difference a few final touches can make to your beautiful, new wooden floor. Accessories include wooden floor thresholds, radiator covers, wooden scotias, even door stops.

Great deals from Remland Carpets

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry, we have online prices to suit all of our customers. As well as a selection of budget underlay, we have huge discounts on adhesives and gripper rods, as well as additional sale prices across all our products.