Blue Vinyl Flooring

Do you want to add some intrigue to your home? Perhaps it’s time to show others what bold decorating features can do for a home or office, with blue vinyl flooring being a great option
Remland Carpets will help you find the perfect flooring to do this! Our blue lino flooring is an excellent way to start.
Our blue flooring includes ranges from a subtle shade to bursts of colour. Which one will enhance your spaces the most?

Why Choose Blue Vinyl?

Types of Blue Vinyl Flooring Available
Remland sources many ranges of vinyl flooring so our customers can find exactly what they need.
Different Designs
Vinyl flooring can resemble classic floors such as tiles or wood to give your home a timeless look at an affordable price.
Perhaps you want something different? Opt for patterns such as the ones in the Gripstar range. This is a fairly new collection and incorporates modern & traditional looks. It’s popular because of its durable and easy maintenance properties.
You can even install tiled designs such as the Baroque line. These carry an R10 slip resistant rating which makes them ideal to install in any room and even in industrial spaces.
The tile grouting lines can seem so real your visitors will think you installed the real thing!
Affordable Clearance Line
Our clearance line makes it even easier to find flooring solutions. Major discounts on some of our best products make it possible for anyone to install quality flooring.
And here’s why our clients consider vinyl flooring as a quality option.
Benefits of Vinyl
You can rely on blue vinyl tile flooring not to damage easily or show signs of wear and tear. The long guarantee periods prove this.
Besides the fact they are pleasing to look at there are even more advantages to installing vinyl floors:

  • Most vinyl products have anti-slip surfaces
  • These floors are easy to clean
  • They have anti-scuff top layers making them ideal for high traffic areas
  • They’re affordable
  • They’re durable
  • They are water resistant
  • They muffle sound
  • They insulate rooms

Now you know why they will benefit you in any room:

  • Children’s play areas
  • Your office foyer to present your company’s colours
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Offices

Simply pick your favourite shade of blue vinyl flooring from our ranges and we’ll deliver it to your door for free*.
We also offer you these benefits that make your flooring solutions effortless:

  • Find other types of flooring on our website so you get all your products from one vendor
  • Order your installation accessories online too
  • Find the best rates when you shop online

Add new life to any room in your home or office with blue vinyl flooring. And we’ll make this radical transformation easy. Contact Remland today.