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    Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

    Wood effect vinyl flooring is a great way to introduce the authentic look of wood into your home, at both a fraction of the cost, and with a whole host of benefits you won't find in other types of flooring. If you’re looking for authentic wood effect lino flooring, look no further. 

    We have one of the largest online selections of wood effect vinyl flooring in the UK, housing some of the most attractive and affordable designs. Our carefully selected wood effect lino is affordable without compromising on quality, making it one of the most attractive options for any new vinyl flooring in your home.

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    Why Choose Wood Effect Lino?

    Wood effect vinyl ranges can add a real sense of luxury and style to your home, available in a wide range of colours and shades to fit any room, in any home.

    All of our wood effect vinyl flooring has been designed to replicate the appearance solid wood, and many of them have a life like grain and texture embossed into the surface. Many people struggle to tell the difference between wood effect lino and the real thing, which is a testament to their quality! 

    A high-quality wood effect vinyl flooring is a great way to add a regal sense of style to any room, whether you use it as kitchen vinyl flooring or anywhere else in your home.  Our wooden lino not only looks the part, but it also provides underfoot warmth you can’t always get with solid wood floors, and has a slip-resistant surface for added safety against falls.

    Contemporary Wood Vinyl Designs
    Despite our clearance level pricing, we're still able to provide wooden vinyl designs from all the leading manufacturers, including TarkettRhinoflor, and Leoline. The brands we stock provide a manufacturers guarantee on your wood vinyl, often of several years, so you can be confident you're laying high-quality flooring that will stand the test of time. 

    All wood effect vinyl flooring is available in 2m, 3m and 4m widths, at special online prices. Order now and take advantage of our fast delivery on UK orders.

    Our Wood Vinyl Range

    Wood Lino Ranges

    The wood effect flooring we stock is available is a varied selection of colours, styles, and sizes made to complement your furnishings, no matter the other decor in your home. We've listed some of our favourites below, but browse through our whole collection to see if anything catches your eye.

    • Hazelnut is a classic wood grain style that is all about the simple refinement of a space. It fits perfectly in areas like living rooms and dens, as well as bathrooms and covered external areas. This wood effect vinyl has a natural finish, the perfect undertone for your rustic style setting.
    • Trend Oak Snow is another classical wooden style vinyl that bears the authentic rings of actual trees. A couple layers of protection and padding make it warmer underfoot and more resistant to slips and damage. Its understated sheen makes it adjustable to any room; it will complement light furniture without overshadowing, and it will contrast nicely with dark furniture.
    • Rhinofloor Farmhouse Old Oak is aptly described by its name, bearing a lived-in appeal without the wear required to attain that rustic feel elsewhere.  It fits under a favorite rocking chair in a quiet room as well as any place where you want to feel like you're at home.
    • Farmhouse Antique brings the rural styling of a country home into your urban or suburban interiors. The planks are made by Rhinofloor, a brand that signifies toughness and durability. 
    • Camargue 537 is a British-made vinyl floor that fits well into chic office spaces as well as the home. It’s hard-wearing and slip resistance properties provide a versatile finish to any room.
    • Heritage Bianchi is a light wood-grained flooring made with high quality vinyl.  It emulates the appearance of finished wood, but with the slip resistance and resilience you'd expect from vinyl flooring. Bianchi is the ideal flooring for a cozy kitchen or bathroom as well as an open space for bright seating.
    • Lifestyle Harlem fits the mold of a luxurious New York City apartment, but it also works in a family home. It features a dark wooden finish that bears the authentic markers of a natural tree, but with an additional wear layer that protects its surface from every day use. This range comes in 20 different styles, 15 of which are wood effect, and 5 that are tile-based.
    • Lifestyle’s Pavilion flooring is a versatile range that comes in 6 different oak themed styles - bleached, dark, deep, honey, and mid. Each has its own distinct personality, so you’ll certainly find one that fits any interior setting. Pavilion also has three tile-based styles (Gallery Marble, Gallery Slate, and Loft Marble) for those seeking something different.
    • Tarkett Homestyle has 15 different wood effect flooring options, making it one of the widest selections available. Every shade is covered, from the bleached Swan/Light Beige, to the Vintage Oak/Beige, to the Vintage Oak/Black. There are also a few grey wood vinyl effects, as well as several stone effect floors available in this range.
    • Goliath by Tarkett has 8 wood effect vinyl flooring options within the range. Each bears the expected quality of Goliath floors and carries a layer of protection with superior underfoot warmth.
    • Forbo Eternal De Luxe Decibel range offers 13 wood vinyl styles from dark to light. This range offers the highest diversity in design and embossing on the market. 

    It's clear to see the benefits of choosing a high quality wood vinyl flooring product from a trusted manufacturer. From the popular aestheitc qualities, underfoot comfort and even helping to keep heat in the room, our wood effect lino is a great option for the next time you're looking to replace the flooring in your home!

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