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    Black Carpets

    One of the first things that should come to mind when you’re looking for visually striking, impactful flooring is black carpet. The bold dark tones found in black carpets can make a statement in any home; completely unlike our range of multicoloured carpets, black carpet utilises the single colour in different ways to create unique aesthetics in your home. Its neutral carpet colour doesn’t make it a boring choice - many manufacturers incorporate textured looks and feels into their black carpets using flecks of contrasting colours or making use of the different styles of carpets available. Twist pile carpets are popular for their rustic texture, whereas deep pile carpets are best known for their soft and plush feel. Black carpet is commonly associated with sophistication, featuring different shades and styles to make them more characterful than many people used to think was possible. As black carpets become more popular across the country the more variations on this monochrome colour appear, making it one of the least boring carpet colours around - contrary to popular belief! 

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    Whether you’re looking for cheap black carpets or something with a touch of luxury, our range delivers. We’ve handpicked our selection of black carpet from manufacturers based in the UK and around the world to ensure you only get a high quality final product that’s been manufactured with a close attention to detail. Now, with free delivery on qualifying items, there’s no reason not to browse through our range and get your hands on a cheap black carpet, without compromising on the look and feel you’d expect from a high end product.

    Benefits of Black Carpet

    Black carpets offer a whole host of benefits - their amazing visual impact when you walk through the door is one of the best things about black carpets, but it’s important you don’t forget about the practical benefits too!

    Black Carpet Is Versatile

    Perfect for pretty much any room in your house, black carpet is arguably one of the most versatile colours of carpet available. Whether you want to catch the eye of visitors who walk through the door with a hallway carpet, use one as a bedroom carpet to get that all desired comfort and warmth or even as a dining room carpet, black carpet can be used anywhere you have a need for new flooring!

    Surprisingly Many Designs Available!

    People think black carpets are very limited in their design, but actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are actually numerous shades, flecks and minor differences throughout the range that makes all of our black carpets unique to each other. If you want something a bit different and fully immerse yourself in the monochrome colour palette, you can check out our black and white carpets and other black carpet colour combinations.

    Warmth & Comfort

    It’d be remiss to not talk about the obvious, and possibly most important, advantage to buying a brand new carpet. Whether you buy one of our berber loop carpets, cut pile carpets or any other style available, you’re always going to enjoy the warmth and underfoot comfort of a black carpet. Don’t think about moving around your house in trepidation; enjoy the experience with one of our black carpets.

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