Marble Vinyl Flooring

Do you love the look of marble flooring? Are you struggling to fit the cost of this luxury flooring solution into your budget? Why not check out our stunning range of marble vinyl flooring! Vinyl flooring matches the aesthetic of popular choices like marble without the heavy price tag. Even an expert wouldn’t be able to tell the difference when visiting your home! You can get a great style for a fraction of the price and that’s just the beginning of why this could be the right choice for your home or office.

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Best Brands for Marble Vinyl Flooring


Here at Remland Carpets, we’re pleased to provide a stunning range of marble vinyl flooring from some of the top and most sought after manufacturers on the market. The brands we sell include Beauflor, Novilon, Rhino Floor and plenty of others. These brands are known for providing high-quality flooring solutions that their clients love and trust. We’re proud to be able to offer them as part of our massive catalogue.


As well as providing the best brands, you’ll be thrilled at the prices we provide. Our marble vinyl flooring is cheap and cheerful so that anyone can afford to use it to renovate your home. Produced with British made vinyl, this flooring offers a superior quality level and is incredibly hard wearing. That means it’ll last for years with no signs of damage, dents or scratches.


Practical Benefits of Marble Vinyl Flooring


There are many practical benefits to buying British made vinyl that you might not have thought of. The first one is that it is very thick, meaning that it isn’t going to wear away easily because people are constantly walking over it. This is definitely something that you need when it comes to purchasing flooring.


As well as this, white marble vinyl flooring is super easy to clean. You aren’t going to have to spend hours scrubbing your floor to get it looking amazing again, all it takes is a quick clean with the right tools and you will have a stunningly clean floor in no time. You might think that having a white floor is a recipe floor is a recipe for disaster, but thanks to how easy our vinyl is to clean, you don’t have to worry about this!


Something you might be worried about is slipping all over the place when you’re wearing socks. But, you can put your mind at ease because all of our marble vinyl floors are slip resistant!


A versatile choice, marble vinyl flooring could look perfect in any room in your home.